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  • "[The disc feels] as good as eating waffles on a Sunday morning after a long sleep with no alarm."

    Molly McKeon

  • "I like the disc, especially with regards to conditions like this. It's very responsive and holds its edge upwind... it reacts how you would expect."

    Morgan Hibbert

  • "I could huck the disc upwind really far!...I hear there's some physics in there."

    Rena Kawabata

  • "The one-for-one concept is very important to me."

    Dave, spectator ARIA Game of the Year 2017

  • "Any disc that can get me a completion in this wind has got to be a good disc."

    Luke Jesperson
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  • "It's rainy and it's windy and I'm wearing gloves. So far it feels like a frisbee."

    Dylan Freechild