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2020 Holiday Specials

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2020 Holiday Specials

We know that 2020 has tested most of us/you both emotionally and physically since March, but not all of it has been negative as there is usually a silver lining to everything.  Whether it was picking up a new skill, getting out of your comfort zone to challenge yourself or find more time to relax and enjoy the moment just a bit more.  

While we here at Aria have had to dig deep to stay relevant the past 9 months with ultimate being pretty non-existent, we too have found a silver lining and it's been you.  The people, players, fans and friends that continue to visit our site and want our discs and services are what have kept us happy this year as we have had to deal with the merger of XII Brands, the pandemic as a whole, the social justice movements, the election & the absence of the sport we all love.  

We want to show you that we appreciate you, so without further delay, here are our specials for the holiday shopping season, some that range from now until Christmas Day.  We hope you enjoy!

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$1 Aria Disc
Pretty simple, it's a disc for just ONE DOLLAR!  
Check it out here.
*Available Nov 27-30

Holiday Prints
Whether you've been naughty or nice, there is a print here for someone and all of these discs are part of our 1-for-1 donation model!  
*Available Nov 23-Dec 24

25 Custom Discs for $100
Just a ridiculous deal of customizable discs for just $4 a piece!  Purchase the item and reach out to us at with your order number and customization details.  Oh I need this.  
*Available Nov 27-30

Disc of the Month Club
A long awaited project that is finally available for those of you that need some sweet & fresh plastic at least once a month for an entire year.  Either purchase it for yourself or give it as a gift that will last 12 months!  With a new disc release every month for 2021 that will be available to everyone, joining this club means that you'll get an exclusive variant of the monthly releases.  This "DOTM membership" will be on sale until Cyber Monday and available until Christmas Day.  
*Available Nov 23-Dec 24

$7 Mystery Discs
For the indecisive, the risk-taking, and everyone in between at a discount for the holiday season.  It's right here.
*Available Nov 23-Dec24

Golden Ticket
A Willy Wonka-esque surprise & here's the deal . . . We have a gold foil, hot-stamped Aria Original disc that will be randomly added to just one of our customer purchases from Nov 27-30.  If you receive it, we will enter you into the Disc of the Month Club FOR FREE!