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ARIA is proud to be the official disc of the United Ultimate League (UUL), the first independent professional mixed ultimate league.

At time of press, UUL is on its way to becoming funded through support from it's strong backing in the ultimate community. Jump on board here to be part of this revolutionary moment in sports. 

ARIA will provide top level professional discs  

ARIA discs are already official USAU and World Flying Disc Federation championship level approved, and we are excited to take this step further as the official disc of the UUL. With a sleek profile and advanced materials, the ARIA disc is excited to be the disc that the UUL players will take to the field for the top level of their game. 

UUL official launch disc 175g professional ultimate frisbee disc

The UUL is more than just a high-level professional sports league. In addition to elite level athletic play, it will have a core focus on establishing an equitable model that will ensure equal representation of both men and women in professional sports. The UUL will be a welcome change to the gross gender pay and access disparity in the industrial sports complex, and ARIA is proud to be supporting an organization with these strong goals. 

United Ultimate league woman laying out to catch a frisbee disc

The on-field gender ratio will be 3:3, making this the first professional 6v6 Ultimate league and the first to be completely gender equal. The UUL is designed to have strong values of community development and equity at its core. Field sizes will be slightly smaller than standard Ultimate fields, which will help keep the game at a high energy pace.  

sick layout defensive block for UUL professional ultimate frisbee league

ARIA will produce custom ultimate discs for each team in the league

ARIA Ultimate looks forward to producing a variety of discs for the league, from the official game discs to the discs used in educational community ultimate clinics before and surrounding game weekends. The initial model of the league includes 8 teams in two divisions, each of which will showcase an official team disc by ARIA Ultimate. As the league expands, ARIA looks forward to serving further expansion teams as well. 

For more information about the league, contact 

Stay tuned for more disc designs, including the official game disc for league play!