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ARIA is about making the best disc for the sport of ultimate.

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ARIA is about making the best disc for the sport of ultimate.

ARIA is about the sport of ultimate. We make an ultimate disc that feels and flies the way you're familiar with, but we make it better. Here's what we are about: 


ARIA Discs is a new independent ultimate disc company dedicated to the sport of ultimate. We use precision disc technology to make a world of difference. 


ARIA discs will last longer in all conditions.  Our discs are tested on many different surfaces, will maintain their higher quality material for longer, and stay soft on the hand. 



ARIA discs stay soft in extreme cold and don’t get as floppy in extreme heat, making them more consistent no matter what weather you play in. 



ARIA discs have the same hand feel and flight path you are used to, a precise wing shape and flight rings, and a sleek design that will add five yards to your full-field throws.


We are part of the dialogue in our sport, actively engaged with you, the players, and organizers around the world to help support and grow ultimate.



ARIA operates with a matching social partner donation model so that every time you get discs, we donate discs to programs using ultimate as a tool for social change. 


ARIA discs are officially approved USA Ultimate and World Flying Disc Federation championship-level discs, a choice disc for State, Regional, National, and World caliber tournaments. 


If this is something that interests you, our discs are available in our online store, or you can reach out and we can work with you to create custom printed discs for your team or organization (