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ARIA + Juega Ultimate Frisbee (JUF) = Making Ultimate Moves in Mexico

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ARIA + Juega Ultimate Frisbee (JUF) = Making Ultimate Moves in Mexico

Over the course of the last year and a half, ARIA has been fortunate enough to partner with a lot of incredible organizations all over the world, and here we'd like to recognize one in particular: JUF, Juega Ultimate Frisbee, from Mexico. 

Social Partners from ARIA's Early Days

ARIA makes a top quality product, with many improvements to the way that athletes and our ultimate community interact with discs. As time goes by and we're able to make more and more progress in spreading the word about that, we've been able to meet more and more individuals and groups who've heard of ARIA and are as eager to work with us as we are with them. From the beginning, some of the strongest and most beneficial partnerships we've found have come from organizations that saw this early on and jumped in! These relationships have been based on trust, and the belief that when two organizations are trying to accomplish the same thing, working together is easy, fun, and win-win. 

Juega Ultimate Frisbee: Ultimate in Mexico

Our early partnership with JUF (Juega Ultimate Frisbee) has been amazing.  JUF is the organizer and governing body for lots of ultimate - particularly youth ultimate - in Mexico. JUF has been around since 2008, and was founded with the goal of not only growing the sport throughout Mexico, but also sharing Spirit of the Game and the sport's philosophy with the goal of enriching the lives of players and communities. Through high-level leadership from athletes such as Vanessa Rincones (WFDF World Flying Disc Federation Council Member, international-level competitor, certified baller), Juega Ultimate Frisbee has grown immensely from its early days and now hosts tons of tournaments, trainings, and playing opportunities at all levels, runs internationally-competitive teams at all youth levels, and has been able to reach thousands of athletes to get them involved in ultimate. 

ARIA + JUF: A Championship-Level Partnership

ARIA was thrilled to come on board as a partner in 2017, and the partnership has only improved since then. Recently, we provided discs for Juega Ultimate Frisbee's biggest annual tournament, Ulticopa, which featured teams from around the world (as well as some beautiful discs)!


Making an Impact for Youth through Ultimate (and Discs!)

We were also able to provide JUF's top youth teams with custom discs, for both their own use during practices and for taking along with them to international competitions. ARIA discs were also made available to JUF teams for practice discs - we've been able to provide these as needed over the course of our partnership and look forward to continuing to do so!

It's been an honor and a pleasure to work with Juega Ultimate Frisbee so far, and we're so excited to continue to support them as they grow the sport! 


For more about JUF, check out their website or Facebook page!