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ARIA - The Official Disc of Upwind Ultimate

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ARIA - The Official Disc of Upwind Ultimate

ARIA Ultimate is proud to be the official disc of Upwind Ultimate

You may have seen their discs flying around at an inspiring event near you, but now we’re solidifying the news with a blog post. ARIA is proud to be the official disc of Upwind Ultimate!

Upwind ultimate aria official disc beach team

Our missions align on a number of levels, and the work that Upwind does to increase awareness of inequities facing women, people of color, gender non-binary, transgender, LGBTQ and disabled people is both a huge win for the ultimate community and for the world. Not content with waiting at home for the community to learn about what needs to change, they’ve buit the 2018 Crosswind Tour to make learning about equity in ultimate accessible to people across the country, getting involved in the communities where these discussions are taking place, and turning the movement into something people feel involved in both individually and as ultimate players. It’s an unprecedented idea, and the conversations coming out of it are both invaluable and far-reaching.

The future of ultimate aria official disc bringing people together

Strong ARIA Partnerships in the ultimate community

The ARIA folks are great because they're always open to new ideas that combine progress and innovation.” says Laurel Oldershaw, founder of Upwind Ultimate. It has been smooth sailing in working out tangible and non-tangible elements of our partnership. It makes a huge difference when the people you are doing business with are as dedicated to the sport as Laurel, it’s like we speak the same language.

For our part, we’re able to provide Upwind with more visibility, our knowledge of working with social partners and, of course, the best discs in the game. Together we’re working to make ultimate more equitable for all and broadening some horizons in the process!

ARIA Ultimate operates with a one for one donation model in our online store, so when you buy a disc, you get to pick one of ARIA’s social partners and we will donate a disc to them to further the reach of ultimate and the value system surrounding it. “I think the ARIA business model is a great first step to addressing economic inequity in this sport.” We believe that a disc is far more than just a piece of plastic. ARIA offers a best in class product and a meaningful mission.

ARIA is working with top level College Ultimate Programs

Upwind and ARIA have also recently teamed up to service and support Colorado Kali, coached by world renowned Claire Chastain, a nationals level ultimate team that is turning heads this year. Keep an eye on them as they take the field and redefine what it means to be a complete and engaged athlete, ARIA discs in hand!

Colorado Kali official disc sponsor ARIA Ultimate ultimate college nationals

Want to know more about what the ARIA and the Upwind team is up to? Check out their blog, see them in action at any of the stops on their Crosswind Tour, or listen to their podcast, the Upline Cut! And, of course, keep an eye on social media for more ARIA + Upwind news!