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ARIA Ultimate: The Newest USAU and WFDF Championship-Level Disc!

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ARIA Ultimate: The Newest USAU and WFDF Championship-Level Disc!

ARIA Ultimate discs are officially approved by USA Ultimate and the World Flying Disc Federation for the highest level of play

We are thrilled to announce that as of August 29, 2017, ARIA discs have been approved by USA Ultimate, the sport’s national governing body in the United States, as officially accepted for Championship level play. This is the highest distinction available for ultimate discs in the country, and because the World Flying Disc Federation - the international governing body for ultimate, among other disc sports - takes its disc approvals from USAU, the ARIA disc has also been approved for elite ultimate play worldwide.

ARIA Ultimate disc with Khalif el-salaam and Luke Jesperson Game of The Year

This means a number of things for ARIA Ultimate and the ultimate community as a whole. By receiving approval, the ARIA disc has demonstrated a level of quality suitable for all levels of play, including the highest levels of competitive ultimate. Championship-level discs can be used by teams at any level of the sport, from rec leagues to national or world championships and from the playground to the finals field. Through ARIA, the newest players joining our sport around the world will be able to use the exact same disc the highest level players in the game use, and that’s a remarkable thing.

Early adoption of ARIA Ultimate discs by top level teams

Several top level teams, including Seattle Mixtape - the 2017 US. Open Champions - have already added the disc to their roster. Many Mixtape players believe strongly in giving back to the sport through coaching local teams and other community-focused work, and a partnership with ARIA enables their support to go even further through ARIA’s 1 for 1 donation model.

 ARIA Ultimate disc with cleats on turf

ARIA seeks to connect the highest level of ultimate with our mission of growing the sport and propelling ultimate into the future. By earning championship-level approval from USAU, ARIA will further be able to strengthen this connection and continue to move towards a better world through ultimate at every level.

ARIA Ultimate disc autographed by professional ultimate players

Help us keep reaching - not only to the future of ultimate but towards social change and the spread of ultimate values worldwide. Check out our online store and see what the hype is all about!