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ARTimate - Celebrating artists with collab designs

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ARTimate - Celebrating artists with collab designs

Ultimate is an art form. Art is a form of passion. ARIA uses our passion to serve ultimate. 

ARIA is excited to announce our latest project, ARTimate. The essence of the program is that through showcasing artists in and surrounding the ultimate community, we can both financially support them and at the same time celebrate a deeper understanding of art and it's intersection with our sport and our lives. 

ARIA ARTimate program supports artists and the ultimate community

ARIA reproduces artists' work on discs and makes them available for the general public to enjoy. Proceeds from the sales go back to the artist to further support their work. The artist also gets to pick a unique social partner program to receive donation discs from ARIA Ultimate through our 1 for 1 donation model. When you buy a disc featuring the work of an artist, ARIA will also donate a disc to programming selected by the artist. We are trying to create an ecosystem through a creative marriage between art, ultimate, and using the ARIA disc as a social tool to improve the lives of people around the world. 

Inaugural ARTimate artist collaboration with Hannah Leathers Studio

ARTimate is proud to launch with our first ultimate artist. Through her identity in Hannah Leathers Studio, artist Hannah Leathers creates icons and combinations of colors that appear both inviting and friendly while maintaining a wisdom and reverence for something greater. In Hannah's words: 

My work explores the motif of an eye, or a non-gendered alien type creature. I practice stream of consciousness drawing and painting styles, mostly with ink, pen, and acrylic.
Hannah Leathers artwork - ARIA ARTimate ultimate frisbee collab


The creation process for visual artists can vary, as can the inspiration for expressing themselves through the visual language over the everyday verbal or textual. 

Hannah speaks about the confluence of ultimate and art in her world: 

There are so many similarities between frisbee and drawing. They're both all about confidence. Finding flow. Trusting your body, and allowing it to move. Training at all hours of the day. Building community. Learning from others, but ultimately working to find your original voice.  

Hannah's ultimate career has spanned a variety of different communities. She's dominated on the field, playing a pivotal role in her leadership on her college team at University of Georgia and her strong presence with Atlanta's top club women's team, Ozone. Her presence with the All Star Ultimate Tour as a role model and her current roster spot with Denver Molly Brown have further increased her valuable contributions in the community, both on and off the field. 

ARIA is proud to work with Hannah as the first featured artist in our ARTimate collab project.  Proceeds from disc sales go to support her further work with Hannah Leathers Studio. If you'd like to be part of this movement, here are two featured works adapted onto ARIA discs. You can buy them in the ARIA online store here and here

 Hannah Leathers ARIA discs USAU WFDF approved ARTimate

Do you have a favorite artist that you would like to see us work with? We're taking suggestions and applications! Email us at with links or descriptions of how you would like to see us move forward to continue to support the artist community!