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ARTimate - Sophia Trinh, the love for nature and bringing people together through art

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ARTimate - Sophia Trinh, the love for nature and bringing people together through art

The Ultimate Inspiration

"My artistic inspiration derives from my love for nature and bringing people together through art. Creating art has always been a source of joy for me, and I desire to share it with others. I love spending time observing life in nature, it moves my spirit and inspires my creativity in ways I can’t explain. I was lucky enough to be born and raised in Washington State where one is constantly surrounded by evergreen trees, mountains in every direction, and water."

Sophia Trinh is an American Vietnamese watercolor artist from Seattle, Washington. She began her love of art as a young child in school. Her style is a creative balance between geometry and the natural world, allowing the two to interact through stunning flow of color. 

 sophia trinh official ultimate disc art geometry

While her primary medium is watercolor, she also integrates other forms to augment her pieces. Many of her paintings use white space to draw the viewers focus towards the image.

"Ultimate Frisbee Brings People Together"

"My life has intersected with Ultimate Frisbee in a significant way through my brother Chris, Co-founder of the Youth Ultimate Project [A non-profit that uses the sport of ultimate to serve kids in Cambodia]. In 2008, Chris dragged me to the World Ultimate Game in Vancouver, BC where I got to watch Japan, Germany, France, Australia, the US, and many more compete in the spirit of community. At worlds, I fell in love with the community spirit ultimate Frisbee brought to all ages and cultures. Attending worlds was the first time I really understood the power of Ultimate Frisbee to facilitate a platform for communities and cultures from all different backgrounds to build empathy through a common sport. In many ways, I create art to bring people together, the way Ultimate Frisbee brings people together. I love the celebration and spirit ultimate Frisbee has brought to my life, and the lives it has touched. I love the idea of my watercolor painting flying in the sky on ultimate discs, bringing people from all backgrounds together in the spirit of community, collaboration, and joy! Let’s create together, and play together!"

The communities that ultimate brings together can be beautiful things. The impact that ultimate can have on one person's life can affect them deeply. When you buy a Sophia Trinh ARTimate disc, ARIA will also donate one disc to Youth Ultimate Project Cambodia, a program that uses the positive values behind ultimate as a tool for social change in communities. 

ARIA Discs is proud and honored to be working these limited edition collaborative designs with Sophia. These beautiful discs are an elegant reminder of how sport and art are deeply intertwined, and we feel very lucky to have Sophia share her art with the ARTimate project. 

Sophia Trinh artist for official artimate ultimate discs

The discs are available in the ARIA online store here: The Forest for the Trees, and All That is Washington. Proceeds from sales from the disc go to support Sophia and her art, and you will also get to donate a disc to YUP! 

If you know someone or you are someone that would like to collab with us on an ARTimate disc, please contact us directly!