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Merry Discmas and a Happy New Gear!

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Merry Discmas and a Happy New Gear!

A super good pun that we came up with for this holiday season is "Merry Discmas!" so feel free to tell your friends about that. And this Discmas Season (which falls naturally between the dates of November 22 and November 29), we have deals on deals to get you ready for any and all upcoming holidays seasons you choose to celebrate!

Starting off hot, we will be offering an add-on ARIA Uno for $1 with your purchase (1 per person), using the code DOLLARDISC2021. Just add it to your cart once you're done shopping and apply the discount. One whole dollar, one whole disc! Talk about bang for your huck.

Our disc golf discs will also be on super sale, because we're discounting them all down to $14.99 - no code needed! We've also gotten our last wave of inventory in, so all our discs are up and available for purchase in every version of stability. Also, some say the A on the discs can be mistaken for a Santa hat, so...seasonal!

In addition to offering discounted disc golf discs, we also put together a series of kits to get your started on your Disc Dyeing journey. Our two options, the Disc & Dye Kit (3 pack) and Disc & Dye Kit (single disc), are available for purchase now through the holidays, so get to crafting! Make sure you get your orders for any of our online gear well in advance of December 24 so that we don't run into holiday shipping delays.

Finally, on our custom disc design side, we'll be offering 10 full color custom discs for $50 plus shipping and handling. These discs will be on a 6 week timeline, and you can stack this deal to get as many sets of 10 as you'd like. Contact us below to get rolling. Plus, want to gift this to someone rather than use it yourself? Contact us and we'll hook you up!