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Custom Printed ARIA Discs: A Perfect Fundraiser

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Custom Printed ARIA Discs: A Perfect Fundraiser

It's time to get started with custom discs! 

A new ultimate season is a beautiful thing. It carries with it the promise of hard-earned success, lessons learned from defeat, and a great new group of friends. We can all agree that it's wonderful - until we look at our bank accounts. It’s true, ultimate requires less than most other sports, and the barriers to play are often low. So how come it always feels so expensive? And is there any way to offset the cost? Fortunately, after much research, we have come to the conclusion that there is...

Fundraising with custom printed team discs! Every ultimate player needs one (or maybe ten for the collectors out there), and much like freshly printed jerseys or sublimated hydro shorts, everyone always wants a new disc. Here’s where you come in: If you buy team discs in bulk, you’ll get the best possible deal and have the best possible fundraiser.


Why custom ultimate discs?

  • First and foremost: it’s cost effective. When you buy discs in bulk, you’ll be paying a tiny fraction of what they normally sell for.  Most people hold in high esteem the value of a brand new, top-level ultimate disc, and they’ll be happy to pay for it. You’ll impress them with your awesome product and impeccable service, and they will have done their valiant part to help fund your team’s quest for glory.
  • Team discs are the best and easiest way to represent your school or team. No matter your win percentage, every team can use some marketing. Having a disc with your logo or design can better connect your team, inspire fans who catch sight of it to come to your games, and even make people want to try ultimate - and try out for your team next year! It’s a flying ad, and if you go with ARIA, a high-quality one at that. And unlike clothing, which requires pesky sizing and different styles, discs are one size fits all.
  • ARIA discs age well. If you have any extras, you can use them in practices, games or tournaments, or you can save them and sell them next year to get your budget in shape for next season. The options are endless, and unlike a bake sale, your discs will not go stale.


Who to sell to to raise some cash? Use your networks!

Once you’ve got your discs, all you have to worry about is who's going to buy them. May we suggest:

  • Your teammates! No one will represent the team better, and you might be able to convince them to get two (one for throwing, one for showing).
  • New recruits! You would be surprised how important a disc is to convincing new players to join your squad. The early commitment to buying one’s first disc can be the gateway to committing to a career of a fun sport and an incredible community. And you can be the one to make that happen! You should start pre-congratulating yourself now for your selfless dedication to the growth of the greatest sport in the world.
  • Family members! Most teams don’t have merch, or if they do it’s out of the price range of all but the most committed. Discs are easy to send, in the mail or in your suitcase, and as far as merch goes they’re the perfect price point to sell to someone that wants to say ‘I love you, but only a medium amount!’ Grandma and Uncle Joe will be pleasantly surprised after years of being pressured to buy cases of girl scout cookies that never last more than one day.
  • Look beyond ultimate! No matter their athletic background, most people have tossed a disc around at the park or beach, using either sad excuses for discs that they got for free for opening a checking account or an overpriced non-USAU approved disc (gasp!). They could use some better plastic to throw, and people like to represent their school or their friends. This a great, frequently-overlooked market, and you never know who’ll be inspired by their new disc and throw on some cleats next season.
  • Random people on the street! You really never know.

**Pro tip: activate each of your players to sell 5 discs! When you spread the work over the group, it becomes much quicker, and you can get back to planning practices/social events.


Having the Ultimate Fundraiser

Some programs ARIA has worked with have made over $300 on their first order, AND the team got a bag full of team practice discs for free on top of that. The sky’s the limit - who’s going to be the first to break that $300 mark? We know you’ve got it in you.

So there you have it:

Step 1: Get discs.

Step 2: Sell discs.

Step 3: Profit.

If you’re ready for step 1, hit us up at, or check out what we’ve got going on at! We can get you a quote, make your design disc-ready with our free graphic design assistance, and let you get back to the important work of deciding how to spend your future new-found riches.

See you on the field!