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How to Dye Discs with the Lotion Dyeing Method

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How to Dye Discs with the Lotion Dyeing Method

By ARIA's resident disc dyeing expert, Yan Yan 

Similarly to the Shaving Cream Method, the Lotion Dyeing method is also very beginner-friendly. You'll begin by mixing your powder dye with lotion to create a paint-like consistency. You will want some squirt bottles to store your dyed lotion in, I like to use inexpensive tie dye bottles. When mixing my colored lotions, I start by putting dye powder in the squirt bottle and then pouring a tiny splash of denatured alcohol (or isopropyl alcohol) on top of the dye. Swirl this mixture around to disperse all the dye pigment, then fill the rest of the squirt bottle with lotion, leaving a small amount of space at the top to allow for proper mixing. A good ratio to start with is 1/4 teaspoon powder dye to 8oz of lotion. Cap your bottle and shake until all the dye has mixed with the lotion.

Once you have created your different colored lotion dye mixtures, you'll need to create a "bed" of lotion. You can do this in an ultimate frisbee, or "lid," or a disposable pie tin works well too. Squeeze or pour lotion into your bed until the entire bed is covered in about 1/4" of lotion. Try to keep the lotion layer flat and even to avoid air bubbles in your print. 

Using your different colors, create a cool design in the bed. If you are not familiar with color palettes and how colors blend, use a color wheel as a reference. Pick colors that are next to each other, so when they mix, they blend well together. If you pick colors that are opposite each other on a color wheel, the colors may end up mixing into a muddy looking mess. If you desire a more complex design after placing your colors, try using toothpicks or a chop stick to drag some of your colors around the bed.

Once your design is finished, carefully place your disc into the bed. Push down in the center first to avoid air bubbles, and then gently press the rest of the disc down. Let the disc sit for 24–48 hours before pulling and rinsing. Then you're ready to snap a pic of your disc and share it on social media!

Various other methods of dyeing exist and new ones are being discovered every day. Try out the Shaving Cream Method or the Spin Dyeing Method to create some different awesome effects. Experiment and have fun because that’s what its all about! 

We want to see how your dyed discs turn out! Tag us @ariadiscs and use the hashtag #MadeToDye.

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