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How to Dye Discs with the Shaving Cream Method

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How to Dye Discs with the Shaving Cream Method

By ARIA's resident disc dyeing expert, Yan Yan

Using shaving cream to dye discs is one of the easiest and most cost efficient methods for dyeing discs, making it a great first step for beginners looking to get into disc dyeing.

Using shaving cream is as easy as spraying a pile of shaving cream into your dyeing receptacle (I like to use an ultimate frisbee or “lid” but a disposable pie tin works just as well) and then sprinkling the desired dye colors onto the shaving cream in the design you want. Note that with this method, a little goes a long way, so be careful sprinkling your dye. I like to put a little on a Q-tip and tap the Q-tip over the shaving cream mound to lightly sprinkle the dye into the design I want.

Once you have set up your shaving cream “bed” you are ready to lightly press your disc into the pile of shaving cream. Push down in the center first to avoid air bubbles, and then gently press the rest of the disc down lightly until the shaving cream crests the edge of the discs. Be careful not to push it all the way down to the lid, or the dye can start to pool and the colors can get muddy. This method of dyeing typically creates a burst effect, but if you want to add a swirly effect, try giving your disc a 45º to 90º spin after pressing it into the cream. Let the disc sit in shaving cream bed for 8–24 hours before rinsing. 

Various other methods of dyeing exist and new ones are being discovered every day. Try out the Spin Dyeing Method or the Lotion Dyeing Method to create some different awesome effects. Experiment and have fun because that’s what its all about! 

Share your creations with us! Tag us @ariadiscs and use the hashtag #MadeToDye.

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