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How to Dye Discs with the Spin Dyeing Method

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How to Dye Discs with the Spin Dyeing Method

By ARIA's resident disc dyeing expert, Yan Yan 

For the spin method, you will need an old record player, a lazy Susan, or something to spin your disc on. Get creative! I've even seen folks spin discs on fidget spinners. 

For this method, you'll be mixing your dye with alcohol or acetone. I recommend mixing in glass jars, I prefer mason jars but old condiment and preserve jars work too. Start off by mixing 1/4 teaspoon of dye to 4oz of alcohol. (If you notice some of the dye hasn’t fully dissolved in the alcohol after 24 hours, add a little more alcohol to the jar until you no longer see sediment at the bottom.)

To apply the dye to the disc, use brushes or Q-tips. Dip your applicator into the dye solution and then gently place it on the disc as it spins. Don't use too much dye, and be gentle when touching the brush to the disc, as not to splash any dye onto parts of the disc you don’t want to dye. On that same note, when doing multiple tight lines while spinning, be sure that your last line has dried before starting another right next to it. This will ensure that you don’t splash or drag colors, creating a messy look.

Various other methods of dyeing exist and new ones are being discovered every day. Try out the Shaving Cream Method or the Lotion Dyeing Method to create some different awesome effects. Experiment and have fun because that’s what its all about! 

Share your creations with us! Tag us @ariadiscs and use the hashtag #MadeToDye.

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