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Fools Fest 2018 - ARIA discs to join part of history

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Fools Fest 2018 - ARIA discs to join part of history

Ultimate disc history in the making

What's special about the year 1977?  It was the year when the first Fools Fest tournament was held! ARIA is excited to be partnering with WAFC this year by making discs for the tournament. 

The Washington Area Frisbee Club has been supporting organized ultimate for years in the Washington DC area. Fools Fest is only one of many tournaments and leagues that the governing body oversees, but it is certainly the longest consecutively running and one of the most entertaining ultimate events in the country. 

fools fest aria official disc wafc 2018 1

ARIA discs are proud to join the ranks of history with this tournament. We recognize we are just a drop in the ocean when it comes to the memories and laughter of the last 40 years, but we are glad to be a part of this year's fun. We are also so excited to bring our donation model into the mix. This year, the Fools Fest leadership has chosen to support the Association Sportif de Ultimate en Haiti (ASUH) as the tournament's social partner. This partnership is particularly special to Fools Fest as several veteran WAFC players have been working directly with communities in Haiti to make ultimate possible. ARIA is so happy to support this work through the donation of the essential tool of the sport: high quality discs. 

What are some of your best memories or pictures from Fools Fest tournaments of the past? How about this old gem? 

old fools fest frisbee scott michaud