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Passion and perseverance makes "Ultimate Frisbee" soar

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Passion and perseverance makes "Ultimate Frisbee" soar

In our line of work here at ARIA Discs, we get the opportunity to work with organizations and teams all over the world, and it never ceases to amaze us how passionate individuals are making a huge impact on communities. Wether it's the extra time your coach spends with you after practice on your pull, or the couch crashing phenomenon that accompanies every fun tournament, ultimate connects people and has a positive impact on the world. 

From our friends at Guimbal Ultimate in the Philippines on their partnership with ARIA Discs:

"Guimbal Ultimate is a new group of Ultimate Frisbee players. The goal of the team is to reach out to other young people and help them boost their self-esteem and to give opportunity to youngsters meet new people and have new friends. Also we want to promote Ultimate because we wanted to strengthen the sportsmanship of every athlete through the Sprit of the Game. We encourage them to know the rules, be fair minded, communicate with respect and most importantly being honest not just during the game but doing it in the community and even in their respective homes.

Guimbal ultimate team uses ARIA discs to promote community

This is why we look for People and Organizations who have the same passion with us, to help us promote not just Ultimate but the Spirit and ARIA Discs is one of them. The partnership between Aria and Guimbal Ultimate is an awesome example where through the Disc we can show Love and Respect. Love, not just for the game but for the passion of helping who are in need. Respect, not just for Ultimate but teaching Self Respect through sharing. The partnership with ARIA means a lot to us, ARIA's contribution to the growth of the team will make a solid foundation for the successes of our future plans and athletes. We will continue to make Ultimate known not just in our town but in the whole country (Philippines) and we will make sure ARIA Disc will be proud of being a valuable partner of GUIMBAL ULTIMATE."

ARIA discs supports positive role model growth in ultimate frisbee communities Guimbal Ultiamte

ARIA Discs is in it for ultimate

ARIA works with teams and customers all over the world, but the themes are the same. The players are passionate about the sport, the Sprit of the Game (SOTG) is strong, and it is clear that growth and improvement is a big thing on everyone's mind.  Self betterment and community betterment gives us direction, and ARIA is proud to support progress, weather it is from USA Ultimate Regionals to National Championships or from a beginner to a game ready flick. 

Reach out, we would be happy to work with you on an order of custom discs or practice discs