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Meet Patrice, The MVP of Disc Production Here at ARIA

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Meet Patrice, The MVP of Disc Production Here at ARIA

Meet Patrice. She is rather shy on the surface, but once you get to know her, she is endless amounts of fun. Even when she swears she is not.  

Patrice is the pneumatic machine that we use to print discs here in the shop — both hot-stamp and full color. She is powered by a gigantic air compressor that sits alongside her, named Wolfgang. He is loud and obnoxious sometimes, but he keeps her company and they seem to get along just fine.  

Patrice. Is. Dangerous. She does not know her own strength and could very easily turn your hand into a crepe if she wanted to, which is why there are two safety triggers that have to be engaged simultaneously every time she prints a disc. She runs at 40psi for hot stamp discs and 80psi for full color, which does not seem extreme, but could easily crush your hand. What she does not end up crushing, she will burn. In addition to her applying pressure, she is also producing heat. She runs at 280 degrees for hot-stamp discs and 450 for full color.  

On an average day, where she is in a good mood and has the energy, Patrice can produce roughly 120 discs in an hour. This is after the one to two hours that it takes to set her up with the current project.  

 Patrice Pneumatic Machine ARIA Custom Ultimate Frisbee Disc Production

Did you know that...

  • Patrice is a fun-loving gal and is always ready to party. Check out that hat and glasses!
  • The discs Patrice prints are all Official USAU and WFDF approved discs for championship play.
  • Each ARIA disc Patrice prints is made of 175g of excellence, engineered with precision to ensure a stable and predictable flight path.
  • For every disc order that passes through Patrice’s capable hands, we make a 10 percent quantity disc donation to one of our non-profit social partners. This makes Patrice very happy since she’s all about giving back to the community and spreading the love of Ultimate.
  • Patrice is a bit of an art buff and loves printing beautiful custom artwork on your discs for you. That’s why we offer free graphic design and art assistance
  • Patrice is also quite picky and a stickler for quality. When we were figuring out what we wanted our ARIA discs to look and feel like, we looked at many different types of raw and composite plastics until we landed on our ideal combination of malleability, flexibility, and ability to perform in a wide range of temperatures. The last thing Patrice would want is a disc she so lovingly helped create to get beat up by the sun or cold. That’s why every disc we make is designed to withstand and hold up in all weather. 
  • We also spent a ton of time coming up with what we believe to be the perfect shade of white. We looked at so many different variations of white while we were creating our signature disc. We wanted every disc Patrice prints to look amazing and continue looking amazing for a long long time. We think our white discs are the perfect balance of soft, crisp, clean white, without being too electric, and Patrice definitely gave them her stamp of approval!
  • ARIA discs are the only discs specially designed by Ultimate players, for Ultimate players. Patrice is a HUGE Ultimate fan. Every team order that comes her way, she instantly becomes that team’s biggest cheerleader. She desperately wishes she could get out on the field and toss around a disc herself, but since she can’t, knowing that she’s working on the highest quality discs in the business and helping you all kick ass on the field is a solid second best. 

Now that you’ve met Patrice and learned all about her many special skills and talents, you should probably see for yourself what she can really do. 

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Here’s Patrice hard at work making these special news discs for our Instagram Giveaway:

Patrice Pneumatic Machine Custom Ultimate Frisbee Disc Production