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The Ultimate Broadcast: What ESPN refers to as "Frisbee" (The US Open) takes TV by Storm

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The Ultimate Broadcast: What ESPN refers to as "Frisbee" (The US Open) takes TV by Storm

Ever turn on your TV and see something totally unexpected... but awesome?

ESPN watchers know the feeling. With the unprecedented broadcast of over 40 ultimate games from the US Open this past weekend culminating in an incredible final on ESPN2 of the mixed division featuring Seattle Mixtape and Minneapolis Drag'n Thrust, ultimate players and non-ultimate-players alike got the chance to see our favorite sport from the comfort of their couch (or possibly bar).  And not only is it great to see ultimate displayed well to the masses, but more subtly, men and women playing on the same field together in an extremely high level self officiated game.  Goooooo sports! 

The Seattle Birdfruit watch the games live on TV at the bar.

Ultimate players and aficionados were predictably thrilled, but the outpouring of interest and amazement from the greater community was one of the highlights and great successes of the weekend (great ultimate aside). 

The internet had plenty to say. For your viewing pleasure, until you have the chance to watch more ultimate on TV, we've collected our favorite reactions for you here.

1. Making the "frisbee" search that much more fulfilling.

Liam Rosen finds some great tweets from the community as they discover how cool ultimate is.


2. It's only a short step from tweeting about your first ultimate viewing experience to getting recruited to play on a team. 

"Low key, this ultimate frisbee championship game on espn2 is kinda dope"


3. Ultimate and carbs do seem to go together pretty well, even if you're new to the sport...

"Ultimate Frisbee on ESPN has to be the best thing since sliced bread"


4. referenced on several occasions. 

"No, sitting in a Mexican restaurant watching frisbee on ESPN2 is the best things since, well, tortilla chips. #ultimate"


4. We've got your answer, Tyler: it's because it's awesome.  

"Why am I watching ultimate frisbee on espn 2. And why am I really entertained by it"


 5. There's really nothing like seeing your sport on the screen.

"Ultimate live on the Deuce Sunday night. US Open Mixed final will be rebroadcast on The Ocho (ESPNU) on Tuesday."


6. And finally seeing the public think it's as cool as you know it is. 

"Okay I didn't know it was a thing "Ultimate Frisbee US Open - mixed finales" Oh no cleat to the chest, his teammates literally carry him off the field. No foul. Seattle 11 Minnesota 9." 


 7. It's about time. 

"Ultimate frisbee is the most electric sport I've ever seen"


So thanks, ESPN and USA Ultimate, for showing ultimate some love. For all the newcomers out there: there's more where this came from. See you all out on the field!

- the ARIA team

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