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We did it!

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We did it!

UPDATE May 10th, 2017: Our Kickstarter campaign ended on May 3th. Thanks to all of your support, we've doubled our initial funding goal! 

ARIA Ultimate kickstarter is 100% funded. Let's do this! 

Thanks to your support, we're off to the races! This funding milestone will let us complete our first round of production of ARIA Ultimate discs in order to get some of the very first of them into your hands and into the hands of our social partners.

Over 700 discs to be donated!

ARIA Ultimate will donate at least 700 discs to their social partners thanks to their Kickstarter pledgers

 Bridging the Gaps - Ultimate in India. Love the stunner with the shades :)

Work with us here and visualize what this means.  700 discs is A LOT OF DISCS. Thanks to you, THOUSANDS of underserved future ultimate players will be running around fields across the world, smiling, chasing down a disc. This is only the beginning. This gives us confidence that we might actually be able to change the world. 

ARIA Ultimate - Game Of The Year 2017 was a huge success! 

ARIA Ultimate Game of the Year was a great succes!

Weather be damned, we will test this disc.

Huddled masses of fans braved the wind AND rain to join us for the Game Of The Year 2017 in Seattle. Maybe it was the free pizza, maybe it was the high level play, or maybe it was getting to see their ultimate heroes from across the continent, but players and fans alike smiled through the evening for a terrific debut of the ARIA Ultimate disc in high level game play. If you are curious to hear some of the reactions of the fans, here are a few early testimonials, and more will be pulled together in the next week on our social media platforms. 

Khalif El-Salaam laying out at the ARIA Game of the year catching the ARIA Ultimate frisbee disc

Khalif El-Salaam diving catch at the ARIA Game Of The Year 2017

Deals of a lifetime under-realized:

FREE Discs FOR LIFE.* Discs for life, eh? I know that there are dozens of alumni groups out there that would love to support their alma-mater with guaranteed practice discs for their program for the next 10 years. Imagine the impact! So, reach out to your friends from the days of glory, and see if you can rally the troops to help propagate the memories that help make you who you are. But there is an added BONUS here. Each year, your former program gets to donate discs, too. Allowing a college or high school team to come together and discuss the impact of the sport beyond just chasing plastic could be very meaningful in their future, helping them grow into citizens that well represent the value system of our sport. 10 years of this. And all because of you. Think about it... 

Hook up your city's league. Only a few lucky folks have pounced on the custom team discs, and no-one yet has gone for the League level reward tier. We think it's because ultimate league organizers are already super busy, so busy that they are missing this incredible opportunity. SO, if you know someone, say something. Encourage your organization to jump on board, and in addition get 500 discs donated directly to youth programs in YOUR community. 

Under-performing reward tiers:  

Throw with the pros. We expected more folks to pounce on the opportunity to throw with some of the top throwers in the game! Honestly, this would be a dream come through for any middle school or high school student that has grown up in the ultimate community. The chance to toss with one of the top names in the game, let along meet them, typically drives kids mad here in Seattle. Let us know if there is something missing here, or maybe we are not reaching the right people? 

Thank you! Share ARIA with your friends.

Pass the word along. If you are on an email list serve or in a Facebook group, do us a favor and let your friends know about this cool new company you are supporting. A tiny little bit of support can go a long way. Let's double that 700 donation disc number!  With your help, we can. Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, or

What stretch goals do you want? 

Let us know what you'd like to see happen if we reach a $30,000 funding goal! 


Join us in our mission to spread the values and gift of ultimate all around the world through our 1 for 1 donation model in our online store.