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Why the ARIA Ultimate Month of Giving?

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Why the ARIA Ultimate Month of Giving?
We believe that ultimate is more than a sport. It is a community centered around values (sportsmanship, integrity, equity) that have the ability to shape the way we view the world and interact with other people. We think that everyone should have the opportunity to learn from this great sport, and that is why our company is committed to giving back to the community that is creating so many opportunities for players across the globe.

When you buy an ARIA disc, you are supporting organizations that are changing the world through the sport of ultimate.

That’s the ARIA Ultimate mission statement. It fires us up every time we read it. So as we thought about the coming holiday month, we decided we would focus on giving some of that fire out to the community. Thus was born the ARIA Month of Giving.


Making a catch at a Gauteng Flying Disc Association clinic in South Africa. 


What’s the ARIA Ultimate Month of Giving?

The ARIA Month of Giving is a month for us to focus on all the great things about the ultimate community, the work done by organizations to change the world through ultimate, and the progress that we’ve made and will continue to make in giving back to and sharing ultimate. It’s no secret that the Month of Giving is taking place during the biggest shopping season of the year in the US, and so while as a company we’re definitely participating in that, focusing on the Month of Giving is a way to get the most possible good out of the hectic holiday season and share it with the most people.


Players come together at the ARIA Game of the Year 2017. Photo by Tino Tran.


Why are we doing it?

Because we’re all about giving back, every month should be the month of giving. But we wanted to bring extra focus this month to celebrate the work our partners do, all the amazing ways ultimate improves lives around the world, and the impact ultimate is able to have thanks to all of you. We chose the holiday season, because while it’s definitely a material-focused time, it’s also a great time for community, thankfulness, and togetherness - as well as a time of giving.

The ARIA Ultimate Philosophy

ARIA was founded on the idea of giving back to the sport that’s given so much to us and to so many other people around the world. As ultimate players who’ve had amazing opportunities in and because of the sport, we’re uniquely placed to give back, and that’s what we have chosen to do. Because we also believe that cooperation, integrity, inclusiveness, and athletic excellence are intrinsic to ultimate, the sport is perfectly placed to improve communities and lives around the world - making sharing it a particularly fun way of making the world a better place.


Keeping a hard mark at an All Girl Everything Ultimate Program (AGE UP) event in Seattle.


#playitforward in the Sport of Ultimate

Play is the reason ultimate exists. It’s the foundation of friendships, learning, and growth, and it’s why we as ultimate athletes spend hours running back and forth chasing a piece of plastic around a field. As mentioned before, those of us who have been fortunate enough to have opportunities to play have a chance and a responsibility to give back to the sport - and we think we’ve found an ideal way to do so. By getting discs, you get to play AND you give someone else the chance to play. It’s a win-win situation, and you get to literally play it forward. The phrase is fun, and it might be the best way to sum up what we’re about. Are you in?


Gauteng Flying Disc Association athletes at a tournament - South Africa. 


So that’s where we’re at. Enjoy the Month of Giving, join in where you can, don’t forget to #playitforward, and have a great holiday season!

Any questions? Drop us a line, visit us at our office, or send us a carrier pigeon. :)