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ARIA social partner - Youth Ultimate Project in Cambodia

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ARIA social partner - Youth Ultimate Project in Cambodia


Remember when you first heard about "Ultimate" at summer camp?

Imagine, for a moment, your favorite summer camp memories. Perhaps it was capture the flag, fort building, arts and craft, or even your first ‘ultimate disc’ game. Whether it was a day camp or sleep-away, we generally harken back to the halcyon days of endless sunshine, good friends and good ol’ fashioned fun. For many, summer camp as a child is a given. It is an ingrained part of our society where we get to learn about the foundation of understanding, the expansion of empathy, and the direction of a moral compass.  

Boys and Girls are running around playing a coed game, chasing each other and appear very happy at ultimate camp.

ARIA Ultimate is dedicated to youth ultimate

ARIA believes in positive learning environments for kids, which is why we have partnered with Youth Ultimate Project in Phnom Penh in Cambodia to bring camp-like learning to groups of Cambodian children through the teachings of the sport of ultimate. We as ultimate players have a fondness for chasing plastic, and as the evolution of the disc has come from our hands, we want to share the gift of the game as well as its commitment to leadership, sportsmanship and a healthy lifestyle. As ARIA steps into its new role in Ultimate, we want to make sure that the values at the foundation of our sport are held paramount.

Both male and female team mates are united, standing in solidarity with their arms around each other.

Cambodia has had a colorful history over the last century, with ups and downs. Currently, there are many communities in the region that struggle to give their youth an excellent support structure that empowers them to grow and succeed. 

YUP  has been around for 5 years and is dedicated to enriching the lives of Cambodian children, teaching them not only about the sport of ultimate, but also about gender equity, bodies and physical health, leadership, and teamwork. YUP provides solace and structure for those who are sometimes living without.

Girl breaks opponents force with a backhand throw during a game of ultimate at an ultimate frisbee camp in Cambodia

Ultimate disc is a great sport for growth and development 

Through camps and fundraising success, YUP is able to create an education scholarship program for campers who exude the core values and commitment instilled in them through their positive participation in the camps.

YUP has been running camps to teach the communities’ youth about the sport of ultimate and the value system involved with the sport. Campers spend their days playing ultimate, enjoying sport as children should in a safe environment fostered by an amazing coaching staff made up primarily of alumni campers. Beyond the camps, the program has come full circle to establish a scholarship fund for campers to receive an education. They might then advance within their communities and share their new learnings with a wider network, continuing to give back to support youth in Phnom Penh. Through this, youth who would otherwise be exposed to minimal to no education have been given the opportunity to grow and develop in a healthy environment.

ARIA Ultimate is proud to partner with YUP by giving them the discs they are using the make these big changes in Cambodia.  When you buy a disc in the ARIA online store, we can select YUP and we will donate a disc to their programming on your behalf as part of our 1 for 1 donation model. 

Want to see how a disc can change a life? Get involved with YUP and ARIA by picking them for your donation discs when you purchase from  our online store.