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Custom Printed ARIA Discs: A Perfect Fundraiser

Custom Printed ARIA Discs: A Perfect Fundraiser

It's time to get started with custom discs! 

A new ultimate season is a beautiful thing. It carries with it the promise of hard-earned success, lessons learned from defeat, and a great new group of friends. We can all agree that it's wonderful - until we look at our bank accounts. It’s true, ultimate requires less than most other sports, and the barriers to play are often low. So how come it always feels so expensive? And is there any way to offset the cost? Fortunately, after much research, we have come to the conclusion that there is...

Fundraising with custom printed team discs! Every ultimate player needs one (or maybe ten for the collectors out there), and much like freshly printed jerseys or sublimated hydro shorts, everyone always wants a new disc. Here’s where you come in: If you buy team discs in bulk, you’ll get the best possible deal and have the best possible fundraiser.


Why custom ultimate discs?

  • First and foremost: it’s cost effective. When you buy discs in bulk, you’ll be paying a tiny fraction of what they normally sell for.  Most people hold in high esteem the value of a brand new, top-level ultimate disc, and they’ll be happy to pay for it. You’ll impress them with your awesome product and impeccable service, and they will have done their valiant part to help fund your team’s quest for glory.
  • Team discs are the best and easiest way to represent your school or team. No matter your win percentage, every team can use some marketing. Having a disc with your logo or design can better connect your team, inspire fans who catch sight of it to come to your games, and even make people want to try ultimate - and try out for your team next year! It’s a flying ad, and if you go with ARIA, a high-quality one at that. And unlike clothing, which requires pesky sizing and different styles, discs are one size fits all.
  • ARIA discs age well. If you have any extras, you can use them in practices, games or tournaments, or you can save them and sell them next year to get your budget in shape for next season. The options are endless, and unlike a bake sale, your discs will not go stale.


Who to sell to to raise some cash? Use your networks!

Once you’ve got your discs, all you have to worry about is who's going to buy them. May we suggest:

  • Your teammates! No one will represent the team better, and you might be able to convince them to get two (one for throwing, one for showing).
  • New recruits! You would be surprised how important a disc is to convincing new players to join your squad. The early commitment to buying one’s first disc can be the gateway to committing to a career of a fun sport and an incredible community. And you can be the one to make that happen! You should start pre-congratulating yourself now for your selfless dedication to the growth of the greatest sport in the world.
  • Family members! Most teams don’t have merch, or if they do it’s out of the price range of all but the most committed. Discs are easy to send, in the mail or in your suitcase, and as far as merch goes they’re the perfect price point to sell to someone that wants to say ‘I love you, but only a medium amount!’ Grandma and Uncle Joe will be pleasantly surprised after years of being pressured to buy cases of girl scout cookies that never last more than one day.
  • Look beyond ultimate! No matter their athletic background, most people have tossed a disc around at the park or beach, using either sad excuses for discs that they got for free for opening a checking account or an overpriced non-USAU approved disc (gasp!). They could use some better plastic to throw, and people like to represent their school or their friends. This a great, frequently-overlooked market, and you never know who’ll be inspired by their new disc and throw on some cleats next season.
  • Random people on the street! You really never know.

**Pro tip: activate each of your players to sell 5 discs! When you spread the work over the group, it becomes much quicker, and you can get back to planning practices/social events.


Having the Ultimate Fundraiser

Some programs ARIA has worked with have made over $300 on their first order, AND the team got a bag full of team practice discs for free on top of that. The sky’s the limit - who’s going to be the first to break that $300 mark? We know you’ve got it in you.

So there you have it:

Step 1: Get discs.

Step 2: Sell discs.

Step 3: Profit.

If you’re ready for step 1, hit us up at, or check out what we’ve got going on at! We can get you a quote, make your design disc-ready with our free graphic design assistance, and let you get back to the important work of deciding how to spend your future new-found riches.

See you on the field!

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Passion and perseverance makes "Ultimate Frisbee" soar

Passion and perseverance makes "Ultimate Frisbee" soar

In our line of work here at ARIA Discs, we get the opportunity to work with organizations and teams all over the world, and it never ceases to amaze us how passionate individuals are making a huge impact on communities. Wether it's the extra time your coach spends with you after practice on your pull, or the couch crashing phenomenon that accompanies every fun tournament, ultimate connects people and has a positive impact on the world. 

From our friends at Guimbal Ultimate in the Philippines on their partnership with ARIA Discs:

"Guimbal Ultimate is a new group of Ultimate Frisbee players. The goal of the team is to reach out to other young people and help them boost their self-esteem and to give opportunity to youngsters meet new people and have new friends. Also we want to promote Ultimate because we wanted to strengthen the sportsmanship of every athlete through the Sprit of the Game. We encourage them to know the rules, be fair minded, communicate with respect and most importantly being honest not just during the game but doing it in the community and even in their respective homes.

Guimbal ultimate team uses ARIA discs to promote community

This is why we look for People and Organizations who have the same passion with us, to help us promote not just Ultimate but the Spirit and ARIA Discs is one of them. The partnership between Aria and Guimbal Ultimate is an awesome example where through the Disc we can show Love and Respect. Love, not just for the game but for the passion of helping who are in need. Respect, not just for Ultimate but teaching Self Respect through sharing. The partnership with ARIA means a lot to us, ARIA's contribution to the growth of the team will make a solid foundation for the successes of our future plans and athletes. We will continue to make Ultimate known not just in our town but in the whole country (Philippines) and we will make sure ARIA Disc will be proud of being a valuable partner of GUIMBAL ULTIMATE."

ARIA discs supports positive role model growth in ultimate frisbee communities Guimbal Ultiamte

ARIA Discs is in it for ultimate

ARIA works with teams and customers all over the world, but the themes are the same. The players are passionate about the sport, the Sprit of the Game (SOTG) is strong, and it is clear that growth and improvement is a big thing on everyone's mind.  Self betterment and community betterment gives us direction, and ARIA is proud to support progress, weather it is from USA Ultimate Regionals to National Championships or from a beginner to a game ready flick. 

Reach out, we would be happy to work with you on an order of custom discs or practice discs


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Custom Printed Ultimate Discs: Frequently Asked Questions

Custom Printed Ultimate Discs: Frequently Asked Questions
So, you want to order custom discs! For some teams, it's a no-brainer: you send us an email with art, we send you an invoice, you pay, you get your discs. But the ordering process is never one-size-fits all, and we're here to work with you and answer any and all questions you may have. Seriously, we love to talk. But in the meantime, since we often hear the same questions, here's an FAQ to check out.

Our team is small. We'll never use 120 discs.

Discs can be used for so many things - and we don't mean as plates or pillows, though by all means do what you like. But every team needs practice discs, and beyond that you can use them for a) spirit prizes, b) tournament discs if your teamruns a tournament, and c) an amazing fundraiser (think bigger than your team- students tossing on the quad love discs too). And a great feature of ARIA discs is that they have no expiration date - they're great next year, the year after that, and 10 years down the road.

Aren't custom discs expensive? We're broke college students.

We offer very competitive pricing, as well as bulk discounts, so the more discs you purchase the less you'll end up paying per disc. You can easily sell them to fundraise for double what you get them for! If your team feels restricted by cost, please reach out to us, and we'll do what we can to work something out.

    Our logo is very boring, and I'm no artist.

    Never fear, we've got our own team of graphic designing ultimate players here to help! We've received such items as long, rambling train-of-thought emails outlining disc ideas, sketches drawn on napkins, and a collection of clip art. All turned into beautiful designs that are now gracing fields everywhere. Send us what you've got and we'll make it happen for the nice price of free! And check out Kansas City Wicked's design below, from start to finish!

      How long will it take for us to get our custom discs?

      For US orders, we like to budget 3-4 weeks from final art confirmation to delivery. International orders may have to wait slightly longer, depending on location. But we'll always get your discs to you as quickly as we can!

      We bought from another company last time. What's so great about ARIA Discs?

      ARIA discs are created with precision engineering to perform better, for longer, in all conditions. We could go on, but in the interest of time, check out more about ARIA or our technology page!


      Questions answered and ready to get an order going? Shoot us an email at
      More questions? Also shoot us an email.
      Bored and procrastinating? Email.
      Talk to you soon!
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      ARIA + Juega Ultimate Frisbee (JUF) = Making Ultimate Moves in Mexico

      ARIA + Juega Ultimate Frisbee (JUF) = Making Ultimate Moves in Mexico

      Over the course of the last year and a half, ARIA has been fortunate enough to partner with a lot of incredible organizations all over the world, and here we'd like to recognize one in particular: JUF, Juega Ultimate Frisbee, from Mexico. 

      Social Partners from ARIA's Early Days

      ARIA makes a top quality product, with many improvements to the way that athletes and our ultimate community interact with discs. As time goes by and we're able to make more and more progress in spreading the word about that, we've been able to meet more and more individuals and groups who've heard of ARIA and are as eager to work with us as we are with them. From the beginning, some of the strongest and most beneficial partnerships we've found have come from organizations that saw this early on and jumped in! These relationships have been based on trust, and the belief that when two organizations are trying to accomplish the same thing, working together is easy, fun, and win-win. 

      Juega Ultimate Frisbee: Ultimate in Mexico

      Our early partnership with JUF (Juega Ultimate Frisbee) has been amazing.  JUF is the organizer and governing body for lots of ultimate - particularly youth ultimate - in Mexico. JUF has been around since 2008, and was founded with the goal of not only growing the sport throughout Mexico, but also sharing Spirit of the Game and the sport's philosophy with the goal of enriching the lives of players and communities. Through high-level leadership from athletes such as Vanessa Rincones (WFDF World Flying Disc Federation Council Member, international-level competitor, certified baller), Juega Ultimate Frisbee has grown immensely from its early days and now hosts tons of tournaments, trainings, and playing opportunities at all levels, runs internationally-competitive teams at all youth levels, and has been able to reach thousands of athletes to get them involved in ultimate. 

      ARIA + JUF: A Championship-Level Partnership

      ARIA was thrilled to come on board as a partner in 2017, and the partnership has only improved since then. Recently, we provided discs for Juega Ultimate Frisbee's biggest annual tournament, Ulticopa, which featured teams from around the world (as well as some beautiful discs)!


      Making an Impact for Youth through Ultimate (and Discs!)

      We were also able to provide JUF's top youth teams with custom discs, for both their own use during practices and for taking along with them to international competitions. ARIA discs were also made available to JUF teams for practice discs - we've been able to provide these as needed over the course of our partnership and look forward to continuing to do so!

      It's been an honor and a pleasure to work with Juega Ultimate Frisbee so far, and we're so excited to continue to support them as they grow the sport! 


      For more about JUF, check out their website or Facebook page!

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      ARIA travels to Rwanda

      ARIA travels to Rwanda

      A middle school class in Seattle approached ARIA with the idea of using discs as a communication tool for their upcoming trip to Rwanda.

      The students wanted to bring the sport of ultimate to the school they were working with in a way that was inclusive and additive, and ARIA was able to bring together the concepts of the trip to design a disc that would have the best impact. It was important to include the map of the country, as well as a star to represent the location of the city where the Rwandan school was located. This gave the local Rwandan students a sense of pride in the physical product, and beyond that the official style of the design further solidified the feeling of importance of the discs. Adding the names of the US school and the Rwandan school personalized it further, and including sharp lines and national colors made the discs recognizable and a clear piece of communication for the students to interact with. 

      Official Rwanda ultimate sport disc

      The result was ultimate! "It was something we could do without knowing how to speak the same language and that was really cool," explained one of the Seattle students. 

      "The kids from each school were able to connect with each other through a non-verbal activity." Ultimate is unique in that it encourages communication skills to resolve foul calls, and this made it fun and challenging for the two cultures to interact and intersect in a meaningful way. From explaining the basic rules to designing complex strategies, there were many laughs and excitement on all sides.

      ARIA discs used in Rwanda to teach ultimate and communication skills

      ARIA is so excited to have participated in this adventure! We got to meet with the Seattle middle schoolers three times to talk about ultimate, how the disc can be used as a tool for social change, how to think about non-verbal communication on the field, and to recap and debrief how the trip went. 

      Since the trip, ARIA has been in further contact with several Rwandan ultimate communities about other ways we can support the growth of the sport in their country. We're so proud when this happens, because it is case in point why we run our business the way we do, with our 1 for 1 donation model and our insistence that ultimate players see the disc as more than just a piece of plastic.  More info about our social partners can be found here.  

      And if you would like to take action, pick up a disc or two in our online store! When you buy a disc, you get to choose a social partner, and we will donate a disc to those folks to put to good use. 

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      ARTimate - Sophia Trinh, the love for nature and bringing people together through art

      ARTimate - Sophia Trinh, the love for nature and bringing people together through art

      The Ultimate Inspiration

      "My artistic inspiration derives from my love for nature and bringing people together through art. Creating art has always been a source of joy for me, and I desire to share it with others. I love spending time observing life in nature, it moves my spirit and inspires my creativity in ways I can’t explain. I was lucky enough to be born and raised in Washington State where one is constantly surrounded by evergreen trees, mountains in every direction, and water."

      Sophia Trinh is an American Vietnamese watercolor artist from Seattle, Washington. She began her love of art as a young child in school. Her style is a creative balance between geometry and the natural world, allowing the two to interact through stunning flow of color. 

       sophia trinh official ultimate disc art geometry

      While her primary medium is watercolor, she also integrates other forms to augment her pieces. Many of her paintings use white space to draw the viewers focus towards the image.

      "Ultimate Frisbee Brings People Together"

      "My life has intersected with Ultimate Frisbee in a significant way through my brother Chris, Co-founder of the Youth Ultimate Project [A non-profit that uses the sport of ultimate to serve kids in Cambodia]. In 2008, Chris dragged me to the World Ultimate Game in Vancouver, BC where I got to watch Japan, Germany, France, Australia, the US, and many more compete in the spirit of community. At worlds, I fell in love with the community spirit ultimate Frisbee brought to all ages and cultures. Attending worlds was the first time I really understood the power of Ultimate Frisbee to facilitate a platform for communities and cultures from all different backgrounds to build empathy through a common sport. In many ways, I create art to bring people together, the way Ultimate Frisbee brings people together. I love the celebration and spirit ultimate Frisbee has brought to my life, and the lives it has touched. I love the idea of my watercolor painting flying in the sky on ultimate discs, bringing people from all backgrounds together in the spirit of community, collaboration, and joy! Let’s create together, and play together!"

      The communities that ultimate brings together can be beautiful things. The impact that ultimate can have on one person's life can affect them deeply. When you buy a Sophia Trinh ARTimate disc, ARIA will also donate one disc to Youth Ultimate Project Cambodia, a program that uses the positive values behind ultimate as a tool for social change in communities. 

      ARIA Discs is proud and honored to be working these limited edition collaborative designs with Sophia. These beautiful discs are an elegant reminder of how sport and art are deeply intertwined, and we feel very lucky to have Sophia share her art with the ARTimate project. 

      Sophia Trinh artist for official artimate ultimate discs

      The discs are available in the ARIA online store here: The Forest for the Trees, and All That is Washington. Proceeds from sales from the disc go to support Sophia and her art, and you will also get to donate a disc to YUP! 

      If you know someone or you are someone that would like to collab with us on an ARTimate disc, please contact us directly! 

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      ARIA is about making the best disc for the sport of ultimate.

      ARIA is about making the best disc for the sport of ultimate.

      ARIA is about the sport of ultimate. We make an ultimate disc that feels and flies the way you're familiar with, but we make it better. Here's what we are about: 


      ARIA Discs is a new independent ultimate disc company dedicated to the sport of ultimate. We use precision disc technology to make a world of difference. 


      ARIA discs will last longer in all conditions.  Our discs are tested on many different surfaces, will maintain their higher quality material for longer, and stay soft on the hand. 



      ARIA discs stay soft in extreme cold and don’t get as floppy in extreme heat, making them more consistent no matter what weather you play in. 



      ARIA discs have the same hand feel and flight path you are used to, a precise wing shape and flight rings, and a sleek design that will add five yards to your full-field throws.


      We are part of the dialogue in our sport, actively engaged with you, the players, and organizers around the world to help support and grow ultimate.



      ARIA operates with a matching social partner donation model so that every time you get discs, we donate discs to programs using ultimate as a tool for social change. 


      ARIA discs are officially approved USA Ultimate and World Flying Disc Federation championship-level discs, a choice disc for State, Regional, National, and World caliber tournaments. 


      If this is something that interests you, our discs are available in our online store, or you can reach out and we can work with you to create custom printed discs for your team or organization (

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      It's OFFICIAL: Gentle Supreme Party of the year Oh-yeah Tournament! - a high level, all-in, mixed ultimate tournament in Europe

      It's OFFICIAL: Gentle Supreme Party of the year Oh-yeah Tournament! - a high level, all-in, mixed ultimate tournament in Europe

      ARIA Discs are proud to be the official disc of yet another awesome community run high energy event in Europe.  The Gentle Ultimate club from Ghent, Belgium, has been a terrific group of ultimate players and organizers to work with.  1000+ people will come through the beautiful Blaarmeersen grounds just outside city center to watch 500+ athletes duke it out on the gorgeous fields. Ghent Ultimate has been organizing this event since 2005, and this year they are proud that "ARIA brings a high level professional disc to the ultimate community while also adding social value to it. This is something that we want to be part of," says one of the tournament directors. 

      Gspot tournament ultimate frisbee amazing fields high level fun

      The tournament has comically been abbreviated to GSPOT, as it is often referred to off the record. It is an amazing example of one of the unique 'all in' tournament opportunities that includes high level pan-european play, incredible field locations, and delicious food and beverages. If you have not played at this tournament before, be sure to add it to your bucket list for 2019, as it has been and will continue to be at the top of many lists! 

      Gspot ultimate tournament all in food and beverages tournament central ARIA

      On top of all of this amazing that is about to happen next weekend, the tournament also believes strongly in social values and community development, so this year's players will get to participate in the ARIA social partner donation model token system. ARIA has donated 60+ brand new discs to the cause, and each player at the tournament gets a token that they can put it in one of several buckets at tournament central. Each bucket represents one social partner that is using the sport of ultimate and its value system, either locally or internationally, as a tool for social change. The players are encouraged to engage in healthy conversations as they compare apples to orange on how they would like to vote for the percentage distribution of the donation discs. It is ARIA's goal to increase the awareness of the power of an ARIA disc as more than just a elite designed professional piece of plastic. 

      Are you going to this year's tournament? What are you most looking forward to?!? See you there! 

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      ARIA - The Official Disc of Upwind Ultimate

      ARIA - The Official Disc of Upwind Ultimate

      ARIA Ultimate is proud to be the official disc of Upwind Ultimate

      You may have seen their discs flying around at an inspiring event near you, but now we’re solidifying the news with a blog post. ARIA is proud to be the official disc of Upwind Ultimate!

      Upwind ultimate aria official disc beach team

      Our missions align on a number of levels, and the work that Upwind does to increase awareness of inequities facing women, people of color, gender non-binary, transgender, LGBTQ and disabled people is both a huge win for the ultimate community and for the world. Not content with waiting at home for the community to learn about what needs to change, they’ve buit the 2018 Crosswind Tour to make learning about equity in ultimate accessible to people across the country, getting involved in the communities where these discussions are taking place, and turning the movement into something people feel involved in both individually and as ultimate players. It’s an unprecedented idea, and the conversations coming out of it are both invaluable and far-reaching.

      The future of ultimate aria official disc bringing people together

      Strong ARIA Partnerships in the ultimate community

      The ARIA folks are great because they're always open to new ideas that combine progress and innovation.” says Laurel Oldershaw, founder of Upwind Ultimate. It has been smooth sailing in working out tangible and non-tangible elements of our partnership. It makes a huge difference when the people you are doing business with are as dedicated to the sport as Laurel, it’s like we speak the same language.

      For our part, we’re able to provide Upwind with more visibility, our knowledge of working with social partners and, of course, the best discs in the game. Together we’re working to make ultimate more equitable for all and broadening some horizons in the process!

      ARIA Ultimate operates with a one for one donation model in our online store, so when you buy a disc, you get to pick one of ARIA’s social partners and we will donate a disc to them to further the reach of ultimate and the value system surrounding it. “I think the ARIA business model is a great first step to addressing economic inequity in this sport.” We believe that a disc is far more than just a piece of plastic. ARIA offers a best in class product and a meaningful mission.

      ARIA is working with top level College Ultimate Programs

      Upwind and ARIA have also recently teamed up to service and support Colorado Kali, coached by world renowned Claire Chastain, a nationals level ultimate team that is turning heads this year. Keep an eye on them as they take the field and redefine what it means to be a complete and engaged athlete, ARIA discs in hand!

      Colorado Kali official disc sponsor ARIA Ultimate ultimate college nationals

      Want to know more about what the ARIA and the Upwind team is up to? Check out their blog, see them in action at any of the stops on their Crosswind Tour, or listen to their podcast, the Upline Cut! And, of course, keep an eye on social media for more ARIA + Upwind news!

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