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ARIA - The Official Disc of Upwind Ultimate

ARIA - The Official Disc of Upwind Ultimate

ARIA Ultimate is proud to be the official disc of Upwind Ultimate

You may have seen their discs flying around at an inspiring event near you, but now we’re solidifying the news with a blog post. ARIA is proud to be the official disc of Upwind Ultimate!

Upwind ultimate aria official disc beach team

Our missions align on a number of levels, and the work that Upwind does to increase awareness of inequities facing women, people of color, gender non-binary, transgender, LGBTQ and disabled people is both a huge win for the ultimate community and for the world. Not content with waiting at home for the community to learn about what needs to change, they’ve buit the 2018 Crosswind Tour to make learning about equity in ultimate accessible to people across the country, getting involved in the communities where these discussions are taking place, and turning the movement into something people feel involved in both individually and as ultimate players. It’s an unprecedented idea, and the conversations coming out of it are both invaluable and far-reaching.

The future of ultimate aria official disc bringing people together

Strong ARIA Partnerships in the ultimate community

The ARIA folks are great because they're always open to new ideas that combine progress and innovation.” says Laurel Oldershaw, founder of Upwind Ultimate. It has been smooth sailing in working out tangible and non-tangible elements of our partnership. It makes a huge difference when the people you are doing business with are as dedicated to the sport as Laurel, it’s like we speak the same language.

For our part, we’re able to provide Upwind with more visibility, our knowledge of working with social partners and, of course, the best discs in the game. Together we’re working to make ultimate more equitable for all and broadening some horizons in the process!

ARIA Ultimate operates with a one for one donation model in our online store, so when you buy a disc, you get to pick one of ARIA’s social partners and we will donate a disc to them to further the reach of ultimate and the value system surrounding it. “I think the ARIA business model is a great first step to addressing economic inequity in this sport.” We believe that a disc is far more than just a piece of plastic. ARIA offers a best in class product and a meaningful mission.

ARIA is working with top level College Ultimate Programs

Upwind and ARIA have also recently teamed up to service and support Colorado Kali, coached by world renowned Claire Chastain, a nationals level ultimate team that is turning heads this year. Keep an eye on them as they take the field and redefine what it means to be a complete and engaged athlete, ARIA discs in hand!

Colorado Kali official disc sponsor ARIA Ultimate ultimate college nationals

Want to know more about what the ARIA and the Upwind team is up to? Check out their blog, see them in action at any of the stops on their Crosswind Tour, or listen to their podcast, the Upline Cut! And, of course, keep an eye on social media for more ARIA + Upwind news!

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ARIA Athlete - Madison from iFrisbeeShots: It’s not just your skills, it’s what you stand for.

ARIA Athlete - Madison from iFrisbeeShots: It’s not just your skills, it’s what you stand for.

It’s not just your skills, it’s what you stand for.

Meet Madison, a trick-shot boss from the USA. We caught up with her to chat about her goals, her inspiration, and some of her thoughts on the future of ultimate and disc sports. She brings a healthy variety in her targets, mixes it up a bit with her release angles and positions, and her video cutting is clean.  ARIA Ultimate is proud to sponsor her this year and excited to see what's on the horizon. 

1. What inspires you about discs? Why do you love them? What makes a disc a great disc?

All disc sports require a frisbee. However, the better the frisbee the more competitive disc sports get. To put this in perspective, I first started with a 2 dollar frisbee from Walmart and worked my way up to 12 dollar frisbee from a frisbee store online. The better I got the more I needed better quality frisbees. That goes with anything in life, the better you get at something the more you need to invest to make it possible to become better.

Discs inspire me because, without a frisbee it would not be possible for me to do what I enjoy doing! Furthermore, I love frisbees because they have changed me as a person. I say this because when I go and throw frisbee it takes stress off me and gives me something to look forward to everyday!

Madison sponsored athlete trickshots sponsorship

2. What would you like to see more of in the future of disc sports and in ultimate?  What values (like access, diversity, gender equity) are particularly important to you, and more importantly, why are they important?

Disc sports and Ultimate are full of excitement and never ending fun. Personally, this is what interested me to start frisbee trickshots. My journey began when I first saw Brodie Smith’s Youtube channel, I clicked on a video and noticed that I took an interest in what he was doing. From that day on, I made it my goal to start frisbee trickshots and enjoy doing them. With this in mind, this all started in 2014, it’s now 2018 and I am still passionate about frisbee! As funny as it sounds, I did not start to post my frisbee trickshots until 2015. The reasoning behind this was I was scared to see what people would think about them, would they think it was stupid? So many questions ran through my head and made me question if I should even post the trickshots. Regardless of my reasoning, I was still opene minded and listened to a friend that said, “You should start posting these trickshots, they are so cool!” In the hope that people would accept the shots, I made a Instagram account and posted my first shot on January 18th 2015. Thus started my love for frisbee trickshots and disc sports.

Throughout my time doing frisbee trickshots, I have noticed only a few girls in the community. I can count the number of girls on two hands, this really makes me sad seeing that there has only been a few girls courageous enough to try frisbee trickshots. To add on to this, many girls that did trickshots have quit. Leaving me as one of the only girl frisbee trickshooters in the community. In any disc sports, I would like to see some more female participation. It’s important to realize that females are not as common in disc sports so we can raise awareness of it. In conclusion, the value that’s important to me is female participation in Disc sports. Throughout the next few years I would like to see the numbers of women playing Disc sports triple, the only way this can happen is raising awareness of it. I am a strong believer in the saying, “Without awareness, some things may never change.” I hope this can help encourage other females to step up and try something new!

Disc skills and values are equally important in ultimate

Do you have any recommendations or reviews about the ARIA discs? 

With the amount of time I have had with the discs, I have found ARIA discs to be quite durable plus, they are the best frisbees around, quality wise. I have thrown Ultra Stars for around 4 years now, and have never felt a frisbee like Aria’s. Aria’s frisbees are great for throwing backhands/forehands [...] the frisbee is well worth its money! How a disc is made can affect your ability to play any disc sport.

Being an athlete is more than just playing well and hitting the big shots.  Its about what you stand for, your vision for the future, and your drive take the game to the next level. 

Follow Madison, an ARIA sponsored athlete, on her Instagram: @iFrisbeeShots
If you are looking to pick up your own set of ARIA discs for training and performance, here's a promotion that is going on for a 10 pack at 50% off.
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ARTimate - Celebrating artists with collab designs

ARTimate - Celebrating artists with collab designs

Ultimate is an art form. Art is a form of passion. ARIA uses our passion to serve ultimate. 

ARIA is excited to announce our latest project, ARTimate. The essence of the program is that through showcasing artists in and surrounding the ultimate community, we can both financially support them and at the same time celebrate a deeper understanding of art and it's intersection with our sport and our lives. 

ARIA ARTimate program supports artists and the ultimate community

ARIA reproduces artists' work on discs and makes them available for the general public to enjoy. Proceeds from the sales go back to the artist to further support their work. The artist also gets to pick a unique social partner program to receive donation discs from ARIA Ultimate through our 1 for 1 donation model. When you buy a disc featuring the work of an artist, ARIA will also donate a disc to programming selected by the artist. We are trying to create an ecosystem through a creative marriage between art, ultimate, and using the ARIA disc as a social tool to improve the lives of people around the world. 

Inaugural ARTimate artist collaboration with Hannah Leathers Studio

ARTimate is proud to launch with our first ultimate artist. Through her identity in Hannah Leathers Studio, artist Hannah Leathers creates icons and combinations of colors that appear both inviting and friendly while maintaining a wisdom and reverence for something greater. In Hannah's words: 

My work explores the motif of an eye, or a non-gendered alien type creature. I practice stream of consciousness drawing and painting styles, mostly with ink, pen, and acrylic.
Hannah Leathers artwork - ARIA ARTimate ultimate frisbee collab


The creation process for visual artists can vary, as can the inspiration for expressing themselves through the visual language over the everyday verbal or textual. 

Hannah speaks about the confluence of ultimate and art in her world: 

There are so many similarities between frisbee and drawing. They're both all about confidence. Finding flow. Trusting your body, and allowing it to move. Training at all hours of the day. Building community. Learning from others, but ultimately working to find your original voice.  

Hannah's ultimate career has spanned a variety of different communities. She's dominated on the field, playing a pivotal role in her leadership on her college team at University of Georgia and her strong presence with Atlanta's top club women's team, Ozone. Her presence with the All Star Ultimate Tour as a role model and her current roster spot with Denver Molly Brown have further increased her valuable contributions in the community, both on and off the field. 

ARIA is proud to work with Hannah as the first featured artist in our ARTimate collab project.  Proceeds from disc sales go to support her further work with Hannah Leathers Studio. If you'd like to be part of this movement, here are two featured works adapted onto ARIA discs. You can buy them in the ARIA online store here and here

 Hannah Leathers ARIA discs USAU WFDF approved ARTimate

Do you have a favorite artist that you would like to see us work with? We're taking suggestions and applications! Email us at with links or descriptions of how you would like to see us move forward to continue to support the artist community! 

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Fools Fest 2018 - ARIA discs to join part of history

Fools Fest 2018 - ARIA discs to join part of history

Ultimate disc history in the making

What's special about the year 1977?  It was the year when the first Fools Fest tournament was held! ARIA is excited to be partnering with WAFC this year by making discs for the tournament. 

The Washington Area Frisbee Club has been supporting organized ultimate for years in the Washington DC area. Fools Fest is only one of many tournaments and leagues that the governing body oversees, but it is certainly the longest consecutively running and one of the most entertaining ultimate events in the country. 

fools fest aria official disc wafc 2018 1

ARIA discs are proud to join the ranks of history with this tournament. We recognize we are just a drop in the ocean when it comes to the memories and laughter of the last 40 years, but we are glad to be a part of this year's fun. We are also so excited to bring our donation model into the mix. This year, the Fools Fest leadership has chosen to support the Association Sportif de Ultimate en Haiti (ASUH) as the tournament's social partner. This partnership is particularly special to Fools Fest as several veteran WAFC players have been working directly with communities in Haiti to make ultimate possible. ARIA is so happy to support this work through the donation of the essential tool of the sport: high quality discs. 

What are some of your best memories or pictures from Fools Fest tournaments of the past? How about this old gem? 

old fools fest frisbee scott michaud

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ARIA is proud to be the official disc of the United Ultimate League (UUL), the first independent professional mixed ultimate league.

At time of press, UUL is on its way to becoming funded through support from it's strong backing in the ultimate community. Jump on board here to be part of this revolutionary moment in sports. 

ARIA will provide top level professional discs  

ARIA discs are already official USAU and World Flying Disc Federation championship level approved, and we are excited to take this step further as the official disc of the UUL. With a sleek profile and advanced materials, the ARIA disc is excited to be the disc that the UUL players will take to the field for the top level of their game. 

UUL official launch disc 175g professional ultimate frisbee disc

The UUL is more than just a high-level professional sports league. In addition to elite level athletic play, it will have a core focus on establishing an equitable model that will ensure equal representation of both men and women in professional sports. The UUL will be a welcome change to the gross gender pay and access disparity in the industrial sports complex, and ARIA is proud to be supporting an organization with these strong goals. 

United Ultimate league woman laying out to catch a frisbee disc

The on-field gender ratio will be 3:3, making this the first professional 6v6 Ultimate league and the first to be completely gender equal. The UUL is designed to have strong values of community development and equity at its core. Field sizes will be slightly smaller than standard Ultimate fields, which will help keep the game at a high energy pace.  

sick layout defensive block for UUL professional ultimate frisbee league

ARIA will produce custom ultimate discs for each team in the league

ARIA Ultimate looks forward to producing a variety of discs for the league, from the official game discs to the discs used in educational community ultimate clinics before and surrounding game weekends. The initial model of the league includes 8 teams in two divisions, each of which will showcase an official team disc by ARIA Ultimate. As the league expands, ARIA looks forward to serving further expansion teams as well. 

For more information about the league, contact 

Stay tuned for more disc designs, including the official game disc for league play! 

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Ordering Custom Discs: An Easy Guide

Ordering Custom Discs: An Easy Guide

So you’ve decided you want some custom discs - for your team, league, tournament, or even just yourself. You've also decided that you want to give back to the sport by ordering ARIA discs, and you know that we'll donate one disc for every ten you order through our donation model. You’ve come to the right place!

Ordering lots of discs, and deciding what to put on them, can be daunting. So we’ve compiled a list of the steps you’ll take from inspiration to your new discs arriving at your door.

Let’s get started!

Step 1: Art.

Time: As long as you need!

If you’re going to buy discs, they need to look good. Whether you have a fully-formed logo in a vector file ready to go, or a vague idea that you drew on a napkin, our graphic design team is here to help. Send us whatever you’ve got, and we’ll work on it for free until you’re happy with it!

Art guidelines:

  • Lines/printed areas should be no wider than a US penny and no thinner than a paperclip wire.
  • For two-color prints, the colors must be separated by a white space of about a paperclip wire width. 
  • For a list of available colors, see this page.
  • The final design needs to be in a vector format - we can help you with that, or you can do it yourself, it's up to you! To learn more about vectorizing your artwork, check out this guide.

Step 2: You approve the design, and we work out the details.

Time: One email.

We’ll need to know:

  • What color(s) you’d like your design,
  • How many discs you want (Standard minimum order quantity of 100 discs for custom designs),
  • When you need your discs,
  • And where you need the discs to go, for shipping calculations.

Step 3: We send you your invoice.

Time: One more email.

Pricing varies depending on order quantity, amount of colors (each requires a one-time setup fee), applicable discounts, and final destination. Artwork assistance, printing, and handling are always free!

Once you pay it, we’re ready for step 4!

Step 4: Production begins!

Time: 2-3 weeks.

This is where the magic happens, and that logo that came to you in a dream gets printed on crisp white 175g discs. They're USAU and WFDF approved, and game-ready for every level of play.

Step 5: We send you your discs.

Time: Variable.

This takes a varying amount of time, depending on distance to be shipped, deadlines, and international considerations. But we’ll get your discs to you as fast as possible once they’re produced, and we’ll keep you in the loop the whole way.

Step 6: Your discs arrive. Joy ensues.

And that's it! Ready to order?

Let's do this.
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ARIA Ultimate is proud to announce that we are the official disc of Windmill 2018, the largest and arguably one of the most fun tournaments in Europe, if not the world. 

A Win-Win partnership between two excellent ultimate organizations

Windmill has been pushing the envelope on tournament production quality and responsibility since 2005, always excelling in providing the best experience on the field, off the field, and for the planet. ARIA is proud to support this year's tournament, and proud to be chosen as the official disc partner of Windmill 2018. 

Relaxed Preparation for World Ultimate Club Championships 2018

Windmill will not only be a "festival of frisbee", but will be the last stage for some of the top teams in the world as they plan for their peak at WUCC in the USA in mid July. 

WORLD championships for Ultimate frisbee

Historically, Windmill has attracted teams not only from across Europe but from across the world. Amsterdam and the Dutch ultimate community have done an amazing job at hosting teams from all corners, with hospitality and amenities that rival some of the top world championship events. Many top players enjoy the weekend, and stay in the area for an extended vacation

This year, look for some of Europe's top stars to shine on the fields in the Netherlands, as the lineup for teams will bring some top talent to the semis and finals of this year's tournament. 

ARIA Ultimate Social Partner Donation model gives back to the ultimate community

ARIA Ultimate grows Ultimate Frisbee around the world

ARIA discs is not only high level professional disc (the most recent Official Championship approved disc by USA Ultimate and the World Flying Disc Federation), but we also operate with a donation model, similar to TOMS Shoes. When you purchase ARIA discs, we donate discs to our social partners to help spread the value system of the sport of ultimate. We believe that ultimate is intrinsically good for the world, so it's a core part of our mission to support organizations that are pouring passion into spreading the sport and improving lives of people young and old across the globe. 

Follow-up questions about ARIA and Windmill  

If you are curious about a few more things, here are some answers! If they are not answered here, give us a call, or send us an email! 

What's so special about the ARIA disc? What's different about it from other discs? 

ARIA is a company founded by ultimate players, so we know how a competition disc should feel and how it should fly. You will notice a few more yards on your hucks due to a more precise and sleek wing shape. Otherwise, the disc will perform the way you expect. The biggest technical improvement is perhaps in the plastic! The ARIA disc stays softer in really cold temperatures, holds its form better in really hot temperatures, and is friendlier on the hands when catching. We are the newest officially approved WFDF Championship-level disc. 

Will players at Windmill be forced to use the ARIA disc in competition? 

Absolutely not! :)  It is not our goal to make anyone do something they don't want to, but rather to serve the sport, and show that by making informed choices, you can have an impact that is greater than just yourself. ARIA is trying to get players to view a disc as more than just a piece of plastic. It is part of a value system that is trying to promote inclusiveness and integrity, even on the finals fields. We hope to spread this concept, and I think this is why Windmill and ARIA decided to partner for this year's tournament. 

Is ARIA a cool company? 

Obviously :P

Where can I find out more about ARIA's social partners? 

Currently, we have five social partners that we are supporting, and you can read all about them here. But, keep your eyes out for some creative and interactive ways in which the players and fans at Windmill will be directly interacting with the ARIA social donation model. 

ARIA Ultimate social donation model to grow ultimate frisbee

I'm running a tournament, can I partner with ARIA? 

If your tournament mindset is about serving the players with a top-quality product and growing the sport, then I think we're on the same team. Feel free to reach out to us at to start a conversation! 




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ARIA Ultimate official disc partner for Rockstar Cup 2018

ARIA Ultimate official disc partner for Rockstar Cup 2018

ARIA is honored, proud, and excited to be working with the folks at the Boon Rockstar Cup 2018, an elite international tournament in South East Asia on March 17th and 18th at The Villages at Global Clark, Pampanga, Philippines! 

ARIA will provide the official disc. 

ARIA will be the official disc of the Rockstar cup this year, and we are very excited to have developed ways to scale the impact that discs can have at this year's tournament. 

Look for exciting plays on the finals fields from up-and-coming all-star teams, as well as veteran excellence from some of the world's top players. The international rosters lined up for this year's competition promise to wow the fans and create a spectacle well worth following. 

ARIA Ultimate discs are official disc of Rockstar Cup elite tournament in Asia

ARIA gives back to the ultimate community. 

But the excitement doesn't stop there! Rockstar Cup 2018 and ARIA Ultimate have teamed up to take the passion and excitement beyond the field, allocating a set of the very same Rockstar Cup 2018 discs to return to the athletes' communities to help grow the next generation of rockstars. 

ARIA Ultimate discs are official disc of Rockstar Cup elite tournament in Asia

ARIA is USAU and WFDF championship approved. 

ARIA Ultimate is the newest USA Ultimate and World Flying Disc Federation officially approved championship level disc, and we are proud to be able to support the top ultimate players in the world just as strongly as everyone else. 

Many professional athletes such as Jimmy Mickle and Jesse Shofner have already had a full season of experience with the new ARIA discs. 

ARIA Ultimate also operates on a social partner donation model, so when you buy a disc on our website, you get to choose one of ARIA's social partners. ARIA then donates a disc to that partner and allows the value system and joy of ultimate to be spread to places with less access to discs and coaching support. 

Some of the world's top teams will be playing with ARIA discs at the Rockstar Cup.

This year, look for exciting new ways to interact with discs at the Boon Rockstar Cup 2018. Follow along in the lead up to the tournament, and be sure to check out some of the top quality media and highlights coming out of the event this year, including news like the Black Widows returning to defend their title, and the Buzz Bullets' attendance at this year's tournament! 

Black Widows team rockstar cup ultimate frisbee tournament

Buzz Bullets ARIA Ultimate official at the Rockstar Cup

We are also excited to see some other top players attending the tournament. Opi Payne will be joining the field, and Australian team Colony will be bringing their A-game, including teammate Jimmy Mickle! Both Opi and Jimmy are veterans of the 2017 Game Of The Year in Seattle. We look forward to seeing them perform on the field, but also to interact with the community, as they are clear cases of inspirational athletes, strong complete examples of what it means to be a rockstar! 

Jimmy Mickle and Opi Payne are ARIA veteran professional players excited to be at rockstar cup

For more information about the tournament, the Rockstar Cup staff is extremely helpful and will be happy to answer any of your questions. If you are interested in working with ARIA Ultimate on a tournament or for custom discs for your national team or your league, you can contact us at

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Action Items for Ultimate

Action Items for Ultimate

There’s no cure for the holiday burnout quite like making a measurable difference in the world. While it might sound trite, there’s evidence that it works. But what with all the shopping, the planning, the holiday partying and the recovering afterwards, the last thing you probably want to do is put brainpower into figuring anything else out. So what can you, a busy ultimate player and/or aficionado at the holidays, do to give back?

Without further ado, we’ve put together a list of action items for you. Pick one, pick all, but above everything else, do what feels meaningful to you.

If you…believe that change is more institutional, lend a hand to the organizations keeping ultimate running.

If you...are looking for a grassroots approach, get yourself or your donations right to the organizations creating a better world through ultimate.

If you...think media and awareness are the best ways to spread the sport and message of ultimate, there’s two great projects on the horizon that need your support.

  • Finestra Films is taking a trip to India and Australia, movie cameras in hand, to document ultimate communities and the process of paying it forward through sport.
  • The creators of The Sky is Red are making a documentary about the fight for equity in ultimate and are helping underrepresented voices be heard.

If you...believe that free markets are the way to go, we know some folks in the ultimate community that can help you out.

  • Convince your teammates, tournament directors, or league to order individual or custom discs from ARIA Ultimate knowing that the ARIA donation model helps get discs in the hands of people that can use them with high impact.
  • If you find yourself in need of a wardrobe update, check out the excellent partnerships happening over at Five Ultimate. You can support groups like Ultimate Peace, GUM, AGE UP, and look great doing it.
  • Consider working or interning for an ultimate organization or company. The ability to create change from within is incredibly powerful, as is the chance to work within a community that means a lot to you. ARIA has internship opportunities, you can sign up for the Five Ultimate employment email list, or check out
  • Participate in classes or programs offered by ultimate-focused gyms such as RenFitness in Seattle! Not only is this a great way to up your game, these spaces can serve as a hub and focal point for the community across team or league lines. 

This list is by no means exhaustive, so help us - and ultimate - out! Drop your ideas below in the comments, share this list, and help make the world a better place through ultimate.

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23 Ways Spirit of the Game Makes Ultimate Special

23 Ways Spirit of the Game Makes Ultimate Special

It’s hard to describe ultimate without mentioning SOTG. It informs decisions ultimate players make on and off the field, and creates the ultimate community and culture we know and love. Such is the devotion to spirit of the game that it has its own holiday: International Spirit of the Game day, December 3rd. Promoted by a number of organizations, including ourselves and several of our social partners, I-SOTG Day is a celebration of spirit in ultimate worldwide.

But what is Spirit of the Game, exactly? The organizers of the holiday, including the World Flying Disc Federation, describe it as follows:

“Spirit of the Game is the mindful behavior practiced by players worldwide prior to, during and after a game. It encompasses attitudes and skills such as good knowledge and application of the rules, fair-mindedness, safe play and spatial awareness, clear and calm communication, and a positive and respectful attitude towards teammates, fans, and opponents, in a mutual effort to protect the basic joy of play.”

So there you have it. In celebration of SOTG in ultimate, we compiled a very non-exhaustive list of all the ways it makes our lives better, organized loosely by the main principles of SotG.

Know the rules.

1. Calling your fouls on your own (though not on yourself). (edit: see clarification/comment by Patrick below!)

2. Self-refereeing. This one almost goes without saying, but the fact that it just works so well is an impressive testament. 

3. When more experienced players explain the rules to newer folks without talking down to or patronizing them.



Avoid body contact.

4. Getting an honest hand up off the ground from an opponent that just skied you.

(Photo: Tino Tran)

5. The rush to help that occurs anytime anyone gets the slightest injury.

6. Every time someone avoids a bad bid at the expense of what could have been a goal or sweet catch/d.


Be fair-minded.

7. When your opponent trusts your best perspective on an in vs out line call - or you trust them.

8.The solution to a disagreement being a replay of the situation, rather than an argument.

9. When situations are explained to new players so they can learn, rather than always penalizing them for mistakes.

(Photo: Liam Storrings)

Enjoy playing.

10. When you finish the game, and you had so much fun you forgot who won and who lost.

11. Songs and cheers when the game is over. And let’s not forget the spirit games.

12. The fact that at some tournaments, the trophy and prize for best SOTG team is bigger and better than the championship prize.

13. On a related note, the prestige associated with best costume, which at some tournaments far outweighs the bragging rights afforded to winning.

14. When top-level teams play at party tournaments (famous players: they’re just like us!)

15. The existence of party tournaments...and that there’s a reason that ‘party’ comes first in the name.


Communicate respectfully.

16. Spirit circles at the end of games. (And how difficult it is to get anyone to say anything negative during those circles - this isn’t always good, as constructive criticism makes you better, but it does speak to the supportive nature of the game.)

(Photo: Liam Storrings)

17. High-fiving your opponent after they score a great goal.

(Photo: Tino Tran)

18. Talking out a disagreement calmly, and actually getting to see both sides of the story.

19. The willingness of the ultimate community to engage in serious and constructive discussion about issues in the sport and community.

(Photo: Alex Axworthy and the All-Star Tour)

Some instances of spirit defy categorization, so here’s a few more:

20. The capacity of the entire ultimate community to rally around a cause that matters to them - even if it’s for just one person in the group.

(Photo: Tino Tran)

21. The ease with which new players are adopted into teams or the community.

22. When high school players coach middle or elementary school teams. Youth ultimate is the foundation of the sport, and the willingness of even the youngest to give back is a testament to how strong SOTG is at every level. (Plus they’re all going to be so good in a few years).

(Photo: Liam Storrings)

23. How easy it is for ultimate to become your life and the ultimate community to become your family...and how little you find that that bothers you.

So get out there, enjoy International Spirit of the Game Day, give your teammates and opponents a high-five, embrace the spirit, and let us know: what are you best examples of Spirit of the Game in action?


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