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ARIA Discs

Mystery ARIA Uno

$12.00 $7.00

For the indecisive, the risk-taking, and everyone in between, may we present: the mystery disc! It's the quality you expect with a design (and price!) you may not expect. Rest assured you'll be receiving a beautiful surprise that flies like a dream.

**(designs are randomly selected from existing online store designs & extra discs from custom orders, but we're sorry we cannot take requests. Duplicates are possible given the available stock.)

**(not allowed for commercial resale, but contact us if you are interested in custom discs for your team or tournament!) 

**(Mystery discs may or may not have very small design imperfections.  Most discs deserve to fly, so we try not to discard any discs unless they are not able to do so)

Product Design Specifics:

The ARIA disc is 175 grams and approved for the highest level of championship play by both USA Ultimate and the World Flying Disc Federation. It is designed to feel and fly similarly to what most ultimate players are familiar with. The plastic is specifically engineered to maintain its flex in cold temperatures and to retain its shape in hot temperatures. For more details on our materials science, click here.