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Princeton Clockwork


With Princeton being the first team to play an intercollegiate game, it only seems right that they are the first team to help us launch this "pre order/print on demand" option of flatballs that we currently don't have a cool name for.  Whether you are a current player on one of the many teams that Princeton ultimate currently has, a friend, family member or even an alumni, snag a Clockwork flatball before the chance to snag one is gone!

"The history of ultimate at Princeton began in 1972, when the first intercollegiate game was played between Princeton and Rutgers. Since then, the face of Princeton Ultimate has changed quite a bit. No longer the men of "Garden State Brickface," today, four teams represent Princeton Ultimate: competitive men's and women's teams both named Clockwork Orange, a developmental men's team named Clockblock, and a developmental women's team named Stopwatch."


*This disc will be for sale (preorder) until Nov 15 at midnight EST.
*Preorder sales will ship by Dec 4.  
*Small quantity of overstock will be available for purchase.