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Organizations around the world are using ultimate to educate about important issues, build communities, cultivate leadership, and promote mental and physical health. Our mission to support the growth of ultimate globally would not be a reality without the help of our social partners.

At ARIA, we believe that ultimate is far more than just a sport. It has the ability to be a powerful social tool that is making a difference through the work of non-profits like our social partners. These organizations have an amazing drive, a dedication to their communities, and a passion for the ideals of the sport. That is why part of our mission is to give discs to ultimate organizations locally and internationally. To support them in their work is one of the best ways that we, as the ultimate community, can show the world what it means to be an ultimate player.

ARIA operates with a 1 for 1 donation model. When a customer buys a disc from us at retail price, we make one disc available to one of our social partners. When a current ARIA partner has received enough discs to fulfill their immediate needs, we will cycle them out and include a new social partner as a recipient. We are always encouraging new partners to apply to be a part of our social organization donation process.

ARIA Discs is interested in being a sustainable business that serves the ultimate community with high-level discs while supporting the growth of the sport at a grassroots level. If we ever get to a point where no one is asking ARIA to donate discs, we will have achieved our mission. Until that time, we will do our best to operate as a company that supports the excess of passion and purpose in the lives of ultimate players that are using this sport to do good in the world.