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The 2017 ARIA Holiday Gift Guide!

It’s no secret that the holidays are a stressful time of year. Sure, there’s the travel, not to mention going through the security line, cooking for guests, trying to find everyone a space to sleep, or just trying to find an answer for the seventeenth relative who asks you what you’re doing with your life. But then...there’s the gifts. Who needs a gift? What do they need? What do they want? Maybe they already have four copies of the 32nd edition of Webster’s English Dictionary...time for a new plan.

So yes, holiday shopping is the worst. But because we care about you, we won’t leave you stranded aimlessly scrolling through when there are pickup games to be played and carboloading (read: eating stuffing) to do. And with ARIA's one-for-one model, you get to give discs to twice as many people: the one you buy, and the one we donate. So without further ado, here’s the gift guide you’ve always wanted, conveniently organized by each item we sell, because obviously you’re not going to want to leave a disc behind.

We know, it’s hard to decide which of our designs you like best. Which are worthy of making it on your shopping list this year? Well, never fear - just pick them all! Here we’ve broken down who exactly should receive each disc in our collection.


  • Up-and-coming youth players

  • Your little cousin you’ve been trying to get to play since he or she was in the womb

  • Any staunch supporter of #womeninultimate

10 Practice Discs

  • Coaches

  • Captains

  • Your buddy who can’t hit the broad side of a barn door but can sure hit the swamp

Can you handle it?

  • Anyone who’s ever suggested ‘shotgun for pull’

  • Soda enthusiasts

Caution: sick throws ahead

  • Biochemical Engineers

  • Brodie Smith

Choose your own adventure

  • Anyone who owns a coloring book

  • Chronic doodlers


  • That one marine biologist you know

  • Those who believe “Fish are friends, not food”

Disco Skull

  • Your go-to dancing buddy

  • Indiana Jones


  • Anyone with mad hops and/or in need of a little inspiration

  • Those allergic to gravity


  • Anybody who’s watched a Fulcrum clip in the last month, which is everyone, so problem solved


  • Everyone. Everyone needs this

Home on the Range

  • Your teammate who’s an animal on the field

  • The family outdoors enthusiast who was disappointed when they heard ‘hunting discs’ weren’t a thing

Huck First

  • You know the person...every team has one.

I Love Ultimate

  • Can’t go wrong here.

Golden Rule

  • Your mom

  • Your kindergarten teacher

My Soul is in the Sky

  • Shakespeare fans

  • Anyone seeking an out-of-body experience

National Champs: Seattle Mixtape!

  • Mixtape fans

  • Bucket fans

  • Ballers

Original ARIA

  • Hipsters

  • Anyone who’s recently said ‘back in my day’ in a non-joking fashion

Ren for president

  • Your teammate who lives in the gym

  • The person with the best haircut you know

  • Ren

Spirit of the Game

  • Coaches

  • TDs

  • New players

  • All the ultimate players everywhere

Stall Nine

  • The least shakeable person on your team

  • The most shakeable person on your team

Strongthrow Dank Fruits

  • Anyone who’s actually had a Strongbow Dark Fruit (we haven’t, but we hear they’re good)

The Cycle of All Things Connected

  • Your calmest friend

  • Anyone who’s passionate about the future of ultimate

The Future is Female

  • Females

  • Those who support them

The Lone Wolf

  • Anyone who does their own thing and absolutely kills it

  • Actual werewolves

The mental game

  • Supporters of mental health awareness

  • Those who believe in great causes

The Ultimate Checklist

  • Your spaciest teammate

  • Anyone who’s ever gotten all the way to the tournament without cleats - bonus points if they flew there

Water Bottle

  • Middle schoolers

  • Teachers or coaches of middle schoolers (strong senses of humor required)

When a Ball Dreams…

  • Soccer players

That's a wrap on the gift get ordering and get your own wrap on! (See what we did there?)

And don't forget...when you order a disc in the online store, we donate one, so you can #playitforward. Happy holidays!