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Social partner All Girl Everything Ultimate Program AGEUP

ARIA is excited to help the All Girls Everything Ultimate Program. AGE UP and Southend Ultimate are partner organizations growing a community in South Seattle, WA.
AGE UP was founded to empower young middle and high school aged girls, especially those of color. After great success with their girls' programs, they have developed workshops and clinics for boys too. Their programming focuses on developing community, practicing peer leadership, and learning about social justice, all through "ultimate frisbee."

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"AGE UP empowers young women to develop positive identity and collective strength. We bring girls together across diverse backgrounds through the sport and community of Ultimate Frisbee to build a movement for social justice."

All Girl Everything Ultimate Program (AGE UP) invests in the transformative capacity of youth in South Seattle, especially young women of color.

In the past 10 years, the sport of ultimate has gained enourmous popularity in Southeast Seattle, which is home to the highest proportion of low-income residents, foreign-born residents, and non-white residents in the Seattle metropolitan area.

There are many institutional barriers that exist for youth in these communities, yet South Seattle communities also have a strong history of collective organizing toward shared goals and resisting systems of oppression.

Age UP joins in these efforts by using ultimate as a starting point for building community, awareness, and skills to create the future our youth want to live in. They empower future leaders, expand opportunities for personal growth, and bridge cultural, socioeconomic, and geographic divides. For more information about AGE UP, head to their website ( or visit their Facebook page (

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