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Professional Discs for the Sport of Ultimate

Officially WFDF & USA Ultimate Championship Level Approved

The highest quality disc available

No product variance! Make sure you are getting the best!

Free design and artwork assistance

Don't let other companies' hidden fees jack up the price of your discs.

Supports our social partners

ARIA will donate an additional 10% of total qty discs you order to one of our social partners.

175g Official & Approved

Both printing methods are officially USA Ultimate and World Flying Disc Federation Championship level play approved, the highest level for any disc.

At Cost Shipping

Zero markup on your shipping. Our goal is to serve you and deliver a great product, on-time, as ordered.

~4 Weeks delivery

You'll have discs in your hands about 4 weeks after finalizing your artwork and paying your invoice. Allow about 1 additional week for international orders outside the USA.

1–2 Color Hot Stamp Discs

Classic and timeless 'hot stamp' printing. You can expect sharp strong colors, brilliant and best in class metallic and reflective foil options, and sharp clean lines. Two colors can't touch and there are limits to how thin and how thick print spaces can be (more info here). Additional one-time fixed setup fee for metal etched print plate.

Full Color Discs

Infinite options for a full color print, including gradients, fades, shadows, and full resolution pictures. Lower minimums and no set-up fee! You can print a selfie of your team winning finals or a simple logo with advanced graphic elements. Colors are printed in CMYK - read up here for more info on how build excellent art!

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Side-By-Side Comparison of our Custom Printing Methods


1 Color Foil Stamp Discs 2 Color Foil Stamp Discs Full Color Discs
Number of Print Colors
1 color 2 colors Infinite colors!
Minimum Order Quantity 25 discs 60 discs 10 discs
Price per disc, 10–24 Not available Not available  $15.00 per disc
Price per disc, 25–49 $7.00 per disc Not available $8.00 per disc
Price per disc, 50–99 $6.50 per disc $8.50 per disc $6.50 per disc
Price per disc, 100–199 $6.00 per disc $7.00 per disc $6.00 per disc
Set up fee* $115 $230 $0!
Maximum print diameter 6.75 inches (~17cm) 6.75 inches (~17cm) 6.5 inches (~16.5cm)

*FREE setup for foil stamp reprints, no charge if you come back to us and would like more discs!

Hot Stamp Foil Colors
Matte Colors*




Metallic Colors*



* It is very hard to accurately represent different colors, on different screens, in different lighting conditions. These colors may appear differently on your screen than they do in real life. If exact color match is crucial for you (or your school), be sure to let your ARIA rep know during the ordering process.

More Printing Details


Foil Hot Stamp Capabilities

Metallic and sparkle-patterned foils get your discs looking awesome under lights (or sun), and bold or intricate single color designs make your disc a work of art. These designs will pop, and offer a clean, stark logo.

Foil Hot Stamp Limitations

If it's a two color print, the colors can't touch one another—they need to be spaced out. Lines and solid filled areas can't be thinner than a paperclip wire or wider than a US penny. If you have a large coverage area, think about breaking it up with a pattern or accents.

Foil Hot Stamp Hand Feel

You'll be able to feel the very subtle outline of the print, but it won't make it slippery or harder (or easier) to catch.

Full Color Printing Capabilities

Bright and bold colors can be eye-catching, and shadows, gradients, and fades can give your design a 3D look. You can still print a one color solid black logo, but you can also print a full color picture of your pet!

Full Color Printing Limitations

Full color printing does not allow for reflective metallic colors, though you can print gradients and shading to trick the eye! You won't find the tiny subtle embossing effect that you would with a foil hot stamp, but on the flip side, the top of your discs will be totally consistent from edge to edge.

Full Color Printing Hand Feel

The print may look a little shiny, but it feels just like the normal surface of the disc. These discs will NOT feel stiffer or have an awkward weight balance in the center of the disc.


For a more FAQs, some artwork pro tips, and further instructions on how to order, take a look at our Custom Order FAQ!