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Custom Disc Designer FAQ

Custom Ultimate discs HOW-TO AND FAQ

ARIA professional official ultimate flying disc for the sport commonly known as 'ultimate frisbee' chris mazur about to huck flick


Design Process Overview

  1. Upload or pick your art, edit it, check-out and pay! Skip steps 2-4. Or, save and submit your design!
  2. We review your artwork and email you with details and a quote.
  3. You approve the quote and pay...
  4. You get custom professional discs on your doorstep in ~4 weeks!

"Custom Disc Designer" How-To

  • Upload your block color vector file (hot stamp) or full color image (full color) or pick from our artwork stash. Add and stylize text if you want!
  • Make sure your final design fits the specs for the printing process you want to use (click here for more details!). But, you can include as many layers as you like. If you are having trouble, try combining colors or making a white color transparent. If you are still having trouble, submit it anyway and we'll help you fix it!
  • Be sure to save before you leave the page to avoid losing your work! Email your design to yourself or your friends to get feedback!

ARIA Artwork Pro Tips

  • If you are uploading your own art for hot stamp discs, it should be a vector based file. For full color discs, any file works!
  • We're here to help! If you ever need design help, we'll work with you for free! Call or email us (but save before leaving the designer page!).
  • You are responsible for ensuring you have the legal rights to use your images.
  • We can't hotstamp fades or shadows, but try experimenting with half-tones or patterns!
  • Your full-color discs will be printed in CMYK color mode. If you are worried about your final product, give us a call or fire us an email!
  • For hot-stamp discs, avoid tiny lines (thinner than a paperclip wire) and large solid areas (wider than a US penny) in both images and text, and you're in the clear.  
  • For full color prints, make sure your image is as high resolution as possible (prefer 300dpi) to make sure the print comes out clear and crisp and does not look 'pixellated'.


USING the custom disc designer

How do I get my custom art or design on the ultimate disc?

When you first arrive at the Custom Disc Designer, you’ll be greeted with a blank disc. You can then select art from our stash, or upload a design of your own. It’s important to note that we can only print in one color, so if you select a design that has more than one color, you’ll have to change all the colors to either one uniform color or make them transparent. You won’t be able to upload a two-plus-colors image - a one-color vector image is required. If this is beyond your tech abilities, never fear - email your art file or idea to us at, and we’ll get it back to you in an upload-friendly form. Once you’ve gotten your art ready, you can add text, resize pieces of your design, and play around with the designer. Then submit, and we’ll start the process of moving it into production!


What do I do once my art is ready, or as ready as I can get it?

Once you’ve reached a point where you can’t get your art any further - either because it’s done or because you need some assistance - be sure to Save + Submit! The Custom Disc Designer does not save automatically, so if you navigate away your work may be lost. Once you’ve saved, your work has been submitted to the ARIA team, and we will get in touch with you over email to move things forward! If you’d rather go right to ordering, you can select ‘Checkout’ to buy your discs.


Do I need to sign up to use the Custom Ultimate Disc Designer?

You don’t need to sign up to just play around with the Custom Disc Designer and get a feel for it, but to move beyond that phase and save anything, you’ll have to create a login and password. This makes it easy for you to come back to your work, and enables us to be in touch with you about the disc-ordering process.


What happens when I ‘Save and Submit’ my custom disc design?

Once your work is saved and submitted, the ARIA team receives it and can access the art and any notes you’ve made. You don’t have to do anything: we will review the art and get back to you via email to discuss where you’d like the design to go from there! Once it’s saved, you also have the opportunity to share it with friends or teammates to show them what you’re creating.


What is the minimum order quantity for ARIA custom ultimate discs? Can I design and buy just a few discs?

The minimum order quantity for custom hot stamped discs discs is 100, and the minimum quantity order for custom full color discs is 25. If you aren’t currently in the market for 100+ discs, rally your team, school, or league to see if someone else wants to go in on the order, or you can buy pre-designed discs on our webstore here.


How much do custom ultimate discs cost?

It depends on how many you buy - the more you buy the cheaper they are. A good estimate for all in cost of 100 discs shipped in the USA is ~$8 per disc, but this can change depending on various factors such as shipping, printing, and quantity. If you are shopping around, be sure you get complete pricing from companies! Hidden art fees (we offer free art) or shipping markups (we don’t) can poach-D your order real quick if you aren't careful.


How long will my custom ultimate discs take to produce and arrive? What's the timeline for ordering custom ultimate discs?

Turnaround time is ~4 weeks for US orders once we have a completed design and payment. Depending on where you are in the country, it could take us from 1-5 days to ship it to you, and if you're outside the United States we can let you know an approximate time on a case-by-case basis. Each disc is different and will take a different amount of time to get print-ready, but if you need your disc super fast for a tournament or an event, let us know, and we can work with you on rush printing or shipping options (additional charges may apply).  


How can I be sure of what the colors will look like printed on the discs?

We’ve done our best to offer the basic ‘standard’ colors for you. However, colors on a computer screen can vary widely from one monitor to the next. As a result, it’s difficult to determine what the color you select on your screen will look like in real life. The colors available in our Custom Disc Designer are close matches to the foils we have. For full color printing, we are able to print colors in the CMYK range. If you want to be extremely precise, we also have a list of the Pantone shades available. Most FedEx Kinkos shops will have an official Pantone Color Book you can look at to see what the colors will look like in real life. We also have photos available of each foil color - we recommend looking at them, especially if you’re interested in using metallic foils. But remember, your computer or phone screen might not be showing you a completely accurate color.


Can I print a two or more color logo on my ARIA discs?

Printing in full color is an easy option! The full color custom ultimate disc designer is available here.

There are some great printing techniques that use halftones and patterns that can help create more complex drawings in just one or two colors. We are working on making three color foil printing convenient for custom disc orders, but for now we are only able to do two foil colors well. Check out online resources searching for those graphic design terms (halftones) for more info.