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ARIA professional official ultimate flying disc for the sport commonly known as 'ultimate frisbee' ilva gehrhardt xenia kachur faq questions

TLDR, what’s the deal here, anyway?

ARIA Discs makes the newest and most advanced model of official USAU and WFDF ultimate disc. When you buy one, we donate one. We also make discs with your custom artwork printed on them.


Is an ARIA disc it the same as other ultimate discs?

There are several companies that make their own brand of ultimate disc. The ARIA disc is not the same as other discs, but it feels familiar and the way it flies is consistent with what ultimate players are used to.


What’s different about the ARIA disc?

ARIA is different in two ways. Firstly, the disc itself is molded elegantly and precisely, and the material used is perfected for improved performance across a wide range of temperatures. Secondly, when you buy a disc, we donate a disc, making ARIA Discs a company that is leading the industry in supporting the growth of the sport of ultimate.


Do you ship discs internationally?

Yes, we do. Cost and timeline vary by country, but it’s our goal to service all corners of the globe with ARIA discs.


Can I use an ARIA disc in an ultimate game?

The ARIA disc is officially certified by USA Ultimate and the World Flying Disc Federation for use at the Championship level, which means it can be used at any level, including national and international championships! See more on that here. But you can use an ARIA disc any way you like - it is designed to perform at the top level in games of ultimate, but it can also be used for disc golf, trickshots, goaltimate, or any other game you can make up.


Where’s my ARIA donation disc going to?

When you buy one disc in our online store, you will choose which of our social partners will receive your donation disc. We will then ship the discs to the partners so that they can use them as they see fit.


Can I get my custom team logo printed in metallic foil on an ARIA disc?

Yes you can! We offer both solid and metallic foil stamping AND full color printing for our custom discs. Here is all the info you need!


How do I get a quote for custom printed ultimate discs?

Hop over to the ‘custom discs’ section of our website and follow the easy steps outlined there!


Who do I contact to order custom printed ultimate discs?

The easiest way to get an order started is to go through the ‘custom discs’ section of our website, but if you would rather email us at info@ariaultimate.com, by all means do! We are all ultimate players here, not robots, so we look forward to chatting with you about your order.


Are there bulk discounts for high quantities of custom discs?

ARIA offers discounted pricing when you order higher quantities of discs. If you are not seeing the quantity that you are looking for, fire us an email at info@ariaultimate.com


What if I want to sell your ultimate discs in my sports store?

We’d love to! We have wholesale options for qualifying retailers, so fire us a message and we’ll figure something out.


What’s the origin of the ARIA Discs name?

Aria is the Italian word for air. It’s what we breathe, it’s what surrounds us, and it’s what helps a disc along its glorious flight path from thrower to receiver.


What are the technical specifications of the ARIA disc?

The ARIA disc is 175 grams of precision disc technology. We use top quality compounds in the design of our materials, and the diameter and height of our discs is exactly in line with the highest international standards.


Is the ARIA disc USA Ultimate officially approved?  

Yes it is! As of August 2017, the ARIA disc has been approved at USAU's Championship Level, which means it can be used at every level of the sport in the United States. The World Flying Disc Federation uses USA Ultimate's approval ratings, so ARIA is also approved for the highest level of international play


Is ARIA Discs owned by the apparel company Five Ultimate, the AUDL team Seattle Cascades, The All-Star Ultimate Tour, or TheUltimateProject.org?  

No, ARIA Discs is an independent company that is designed to support all ultimate players, regardless of what league they are in or what jerseys they wear. The co-founders of ARIA are also the co-founders of Five, Cascades, All-Star Ultimate Tour, and TUPO.org, and the fundamental ethos, integrity, and commitment to excellece and SOTG of all five entities is based on the same value system, but ARIA is its own company and operates under its own flag.  


Who do the donated ARIA discs go to?

Currently, the four organizations to receive discs are E.R.I.C, AgeUP, Youth Ultimate Project, and Bridging the Gaps. Learn more about each of these organizations here.


What if I want to donate ultimate discs to an organization in my city or another place that I think could really use them?

We would love to hear about new organizations and efforts to spread the sport of ultimate! You can encourage an organization to submit an application on our website here. Or, if you would like, you can definitely help to get the ball rolling by submitting a preliminary application on their behalf to connect us.  


How are the ARIA social partners chosen?

ARIA started by asking what the needs were of a variety of different social impact organizations that work in the world of ultimate. What followed were many conversations about the impacts that a disc can have, so we were able to identify these initial partners as great candidates for ARIA’s 1 for 1 model. There are certainly thousands of other organizations out there that will benefit from receiving discs from ARIA in the future, and we look forward to starting those conversations as we begin to scale. It will always be important to us to make sure we are listening to the needs of the organizations first and foremost.

For future social partners, ARIA is forming an independent board of advisors to help advise us on the selection and allocation of donation discs. After all, our goal is to create the platform to connect ultimate players with mission based organizations through the purchase of a disc. We believe our that if we do our best work in creating an excellent product, we can turn to experts in the ultimate community to create an excellent system for connecting discs with individuals.


Is it also 1 for 1 when I order 100 custom printed team discs?

Because we offer large price discounts for bulk orders of discs, we are not able to match each disc in custom team orders. However, if you order 100 discs, we will donate 10 discs to your choice of one of our organizations. We encourage you to host a discussion with your team about the impact of discs and the impact of the sport of ultimate and its value system, and imagine the effect that 10 discs can make on another team somewhere that is just getting off the ground.


How will I know which ARIA social partner my donation discs will go to?

You’ll get to choose! At the end of the Kickstarter campaign when we send out our survey, or when you order on our site, we’ll collect your shipping addresses and you’ll have the opportunity to select which of our social partners you would like to receive your discs.


Where are the ARIA discs made?

We make ARIA discs in partnership with a facility in Taiwan that produces high-end medical devices as well as core parts for electric powered vehicles such as Tesla. In setting up our supply chain, we have decided to focus on integrity, quality, and precise engineering. We hold all of our partners to extremely high standards, and we hope you hold us to the same or higher standards when you consider doing business with ARIA.


What materials are used in making the ARIA discs?

Spare parts from Optimus Prime mixed with the althetic glory of Megan Rapinoe. If that’s not a good enough answer for you, read this informative blog post for more information on plastics.