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Made to dye

The only disc dye for Disc Golf and Ultimate.

The wide world of Disc Dye is pretty remarkable once you dive in. There are hundreds—if not thousands—of dyers around the world creating amazing works of art. At ARIA Discs, we wanted to create a one stop shop for Disc Dyers, along with giving new dyers an opportunity to dip their toes in the water (dye?). We partnered with PRO Chemical & Dye to bring you top quality dye, and worked with our resident disc dye expert Yan Yan to create tutorials for some beginner disc dying methods. Check them out below and follow him on instagram, @yanyan_discgolf!

When we began expanding into Disc Golf, we wanted to make sure we made our mark. As artists ourselves, we felt like creating a dye-friendly disc would help bring ARIA Discs farther into the Disc Golf world. We made a conscious decision to only produce white discs. We also learned that our ARIA Ultimate discs are the only “lids” that accept dye, making our brand uniquely qualified to enter the world of disc dying. Not only is this a way for us to pay homage to our Ultimate roots, but all of our discs are MADE TO DYE!

ARIA Disc Dye Colors — Purchase here!