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Throw sesh ARIA Ultimate Qxhyna Titcomb and Ben Schnell

ARIA Discs is new, and sometimes new can be weird. But we'd like you to trust us. We'd like you to believe in us SO MUCH that we are willing to come meet you in person and talk it out.  

If you are interested in having a #ARIAThrowSesh with a member of the ARIA Discs team, let us know! We will travel to you with our discs and toss around with you. Yes, you heard that correctly.  

Here's how it works:

1: Submit a complete application to with the following information:

  • Where are you from? What team or organization are you with? How many folks do you expect to have joining us for the THROW SESH? Send us pictures and a bio of you and your crew.
  • Why are you interested in having a THROW SESH with us? What are the questions you are curious to tackle?
  • What do you hope to get out of spending some time with us?
  • What's the address of the location you'd like to have us join you for your THROW SESH? What's the field material, and is it lit at night? Is it easy to get to by public transportation?
  • What resources can you offer us to help us out? Do you have crash space in a guest room you can offer?

2: Hang tight while we review applications, and we'll start scheduling each ARIA THROW SESH as soon as we are able.

  • We have a lot going on, but never too much to hop out and toss a disc around! (You know the feeling.)

3: Toss some discs, and share your thoughts with us!