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Magic Flying Disc


"Shirt" is a multi platform conceptual artist and writer working across rap music, performance, photography, painting and installation. Shirt's work explores modes of storytelling that invite us to consider ways of unlearning and seek to propose questions such as: Who gets to be called an artist? and What is considered art?. Bridging connections between rap music and conceptual art, Shirt's practice is a bricolage of language, sound and imagery wherein notions of authorship and publics are blurred to create a more expansive "readership."

"I don't like sports. So many people will say a version of 'keep politics out of sports' but being ignorant, flat out wrong and discriminatory to the detriment of Black, Brown and Asian people and communities isn't political. Talking about racism will never be worse than racism itself. Especially racism proliferated in the violent acts, laws, policies and attitudes that continue to help oppress people in this country and around the world. So, people run after these flying discs. People jump, stretch and reach to catch these things in ways they don't for anything else. I wanted to add a layer of thought there: Something else needs you to stretch and bend and twist and go out of your way. Something else needs you to stop what you're doing and direct your attentionNeeds you to put some work in and move your feet before it hits you square in the face. This idea of being active in your reckoning. I throw this thing at you––you better catch it."
- Shirt (

Here at Aria we are constantly thinking of ways to impact the communities around us, to be a good human and spread the joy of our sport far and wide.  We are happy to work with Shirt on this project, to put a bit more thought into our everyday lives.  

Portions of proceeds go back to the artist himself as well as Art Start, an organization that uses the creative process to nurture historically marginalized youth.

*These discs will be on sale until Oct 4 and will ship on or before Oct 31st*