MegaPrint Disc

MegaPrints for just $5/disc!

If you've used our discs, you probably have some expectations in mind: clean, crisp prints, cool foils, 175g of shiny glory.

These are all that, and then some. No, the designs aren't what you'd call neat. These discs have done their time in the test printing arena and lived to tell the tale...and they've come out looking so very cool.

For a very brief time, get your hands on all the MegaPrints your heart desires. While they are not recommended for sanctioned play due to the slightly heavier weight, you can hang them on your wall, take them to the party, use them for practices, test out your wildest trick shots on them or give them to your doggo: the MegaPrints are ready for most anything.

Keep in mind they could look like anything - the photos are just a very small selection - but they all look fascinating.

Design: It's very much anybody's guess.

Print color: Literally all of them.

Product Specifications: They've been printed on repeatedly, so we can't guarantee exact weight. But they're veeeeery close to regulation, still all white, still totally usable. 


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